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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just plain wrong

I think I now know why the Left is so anti-Christianity.  Because Christianity gets in the way of the worship of their true god and lord, Barack Hussein Obama.

Take a look at this flaming piece of bullshit put out by the NY Times Obama Fellatio and Propaganda Brigades.  Just look at it!

(and since the picture doesn't want to stay on this post, just go click the link already!)

 Are you fucking kidding me?  And this coming during Lent, the season in which we remember just what Jesus Christ went through, leading up to his death on the cross, and the NY Times Democrat Propaganda Machine wants to put a cross on their Lord and Messiah in order to make a political point.  Notice the halo around his head?  Can you actually fucking believe this bullshit?

That's sacrilegious right there.  Which shouldn't surprise me, seeing as how the Left never misses an opportunity to shit all over Christianity unless it's the politically correct variety.  But that's what it comes down to - the hard core communists that make up the Left have to attempt to deify the Marxist Messiah in order to hide what he truly is - an anti-American dictator wanna-be who should be tarred and feathered, then ridden out of town on a rail.  I'd love to say that he's nothing more than a pathetic fucking joke, but anyone who is attempting to destroy this country in the manner Obama is doing isn't a joke, he's a threat to this country's very survival.  And anyone who aides him in that goal is also a threat.

And the New York Propaganda Whores try to make him to be God.  Because that's what they consider him.  The reason I call him the Liberal Lord and Messiah is because that's what he is, and he's worshipped by the other communists as their savior, and they'll do anything they can to protect him.  They'll do anything to push him along, just like they did during the election, and right now I'm just wanting to stockpile ammunition and wait for the shooting to start, because I don't know if this country can be saved when so many people worship an outright fucking parasite who's core values and beliefs are antithetical to the very country he supposedly leads.

We are so fucking screwed.

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