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Friday, November 06, 2009


By now you've heard about the shooting at Ft. Hood. Army Major Malik Nadal Hasan has killed 12 people and wounded 31. Hot Air has a good post with plenty of updates, and if you scroll down slowly you'll see how the story first formed and where it went from there.

I'm trying to remain apolitical on this, and I'm failing miserably. I have a co-worker who's flat out telling me that he will refuse to work with any Muslims, period. And you know what? I can't blame him. I can't find one single reason to tell him differently. A Muslim kills 12 of my fellow Soldiers in his own little personal jihad, and I'm supposed to stay calm?

Hey, remember the shooting of an Army Recruiter in Arkansas? The guy who did it? Muslim.

Was that a cheap shot? Maybe. But not as cheap a shot as tossing a grenade into a tent. Because you don't want to kill your fellow muslims, so you kill your fellow Soldiers.

Now, is religion the only reason Soldiers freak out and kill their fellow Soldiers? Nope. But the one common theme of muslim Soldiers who do so is that they put their religion before their country. In fact, the question in people's minds when they hear about a shooting such as this is "Is the gunman a Muslim?" And given how many plots have been uncovered regarding muslims wanting to kill Americans, they are right to ask that question. It's a valid question. When dealing with a religion that separates the world into the House of Islam and the House of War, and anyone not Muslim goes to the latter to be attacked, subjugated and conquered, then yeah I think it's a valid question. Catholic Doctrine says to spread the word of Christ through word and examples. I can't find any Catholic Doctrine that says "Put Unbelievers to the sword". It ain't there.

Protestant? Ditto. I can't find anything in Martin Luther's thesis that says to kill anyone who doesn't submit to that religion.

I've heard of a Four-Point Calvinist and a Five-Point Calvinist, but I've never heard of a Calvinist who declares that anyone not a Calvinist is the enemy.

However, I can find the passage in the Koran that claims all muslims must kill the unbelievers.

Right now I'm a little busy working through the details in my head. But I have to go to work today, and quite possibly "support" or allow a religion than wants to see me dead. And yeah, I have some issues with that.

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