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Friday, October 09, 2009

A Point I Hammer Home

Every time I get a chance, and I've been getting that chance quite often as of late: HEALTH CARE IS NOT A RIGHT.

In order for something to be a human right, it cannot and must not be something that requires a good or a service from someone else. If you make it so, then the person providing that good or service will become a slave to the community, because they no longer have the option to refuse. That’s why health care cannot ever be a human right: because health care is a commodity, just like flat-screen TVs and sliced bread at the grocery store. You can’t claim the right to force J.J. Nissen to make bread for you, whether it’s for compensation or for free, and you can’t force Best Buy to keep stocking flat-screen TVs, either. If you run out of people to provide that commodity, you have no way to claim that so-called human right.

A human right only requires that people leave you alone to exercise it, not that they work for you, whether you give them money for their work or not. Freedom of speech is a human right. Freedom of association is a human right. Free exercise of religion is a human right. Free band-aids and vaccinations aren’t.

That, friends and neighbors, is why health care, while very desirable and a good thing to have, cannot and will not ever be a human right…and that’s why I have a capillary or two bursting every time I see that bumper sticker.

What makes me weep is that I have supposedly educated people blabbing on and on about how health care is a right, and refusing to even consider that there's a COST to that. The publik skool indoctrination sistim is successful. People are now so uneducated after 12 years of school, so rigid in their thinking, that rational thought continues to elude them, and 2+2 now equals 5.

I'm wondering just when the shooting will start, because as Marko points out, when you make health care a "right", people start demanding it. It doesn't matter what the fact are or what reality is, people will demand that you give them health care, and when it's not there, things start to break down. So long, America. It was nice knowing you. Maybe one day there will be another country that has allowed the freedoms we once held dear to flourish again. But I don't know when or where that will be.

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