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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Busted again!!!

White House Accused Of Staging Doctor Photo-Op NBC Nightly News reported, "You might have seen the picture yesterday: President Obama at the White House surrounded by a sea of doctors in their lab coats rallying support for health care reform. But then, some folks figured: Would doctors really all show up wearing lab coats at a public event with the President? Really?" And "then...the New York Post took issue with a photo from yesterday of a White House staffer passing out lab coats. The White House was accused of staging the photo-op. Turns out the doctors group provided the extra lab coats for anyone who forgot to bring one along."
On Fox News' Beck, host Glenn Beck said, "Just in case you're too dumb to understand the word doctor, the president handed out white lab coats for the doctors, because that, I guess makes them more credible, you know. If you're a doctor of any caliber, are you kind of insulted by this? I mean, it insults me just looking at the doctors standing there in white lab coats like we couldn't figure out what is going on."

I do not believe that a single person who wears a lab coat to work all day wants to wear it at any time they don't have to. Heck, they don't even wear their lab coats to medical conventions. The the doctors group provided extra lab coats for those that forgot them is a sham. I know a number of health care providers that will permanently leave the work they love if this health care reform passes.

I think this Neurosurgeon hit the nail on the head with this controversial rendition.

Image from Talking Points Memo

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