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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Next up? Water is Wet!

Otherwise known as "Well no shit, Captain Obvious!"

Media bias was more intense in the 2008 election than in any other national campaign in recent history, Time magazine's Mark Halperin said Friday at the Politico/USC conference on the 2008 election.

"It's the most disgusting failure of people in our business since the Iraq war," Halperin said at a panel of media analysts. "It was extreme bias, extreme pro-Obama coverage."

It used to be that I would shake my head at the Propaganda Press and just ignore them. Can't do that anymore. The whoremongers have proven that they're the enemy. They don't just want to be biased, they want to inflict that bias on the rest of the country. They're Marxists in every sense of the word, and they want to drag America down to a third-world-shithole status in their quest to make communism work. Even though communism fails every time it's implemented. They just want to do it again, only HARDER!

So it's no longer just shrug my shoulders. Now it's time to destroy the fuckers. By. Any. Means. Necessary.

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