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Saturday, November 22, 2008

More Media Buffoonery

So I guess there's this video floating around where Sarah Palin pardons a turkey, and then talks to the media while some turkeys that she didn't pardon get offed.

Accordingly, the whores and propaganda artists of the Press have gone apeshit.

Little Pissy Crissy Matthews of the We Love Obama Network is frothing at the mouth more than he usually does. Wonkette's gaping vagina queefs out another comment. Blah blah blah blah.

Hey dipshits - I might actually listen to you if you would, ya know, stop eating turkey. Until then, turkey farms just like the one Gov. Palin is speaking at, are necessary. Just because you invertebrate shitheads don't like to deal with reality doesn't mean that the rest of us are forced to join you in make-believe land.

God, what a group of pansies. What a group of worthless shrieking ninnies. What a group of pants-pissing babies. The fact that America could even produce a group of brainless fucktards makes me want to puke.

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