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Saturday, May 31, 2008

And another linkey love

Because I love this quote:

The culture I was brought up in, taught me to respect dangerous objects and situations. To be an adult, one was expected to be adult-like around such things as bandsaws, punch presses, moving belts, and firearms. Anyone who was not trusted, was not an adult.

I grew up in the country. There are a large amount of tools that are used out there in order to get about your day to day business. Axes, saws, splitting mauls, chainsaws, various machines used to clear brush, haul hay, plow the driveway and road, etc., etc., etc.

And before I was allowed to use any of them, my father made damn sure that I was going to be responsible with them. That I was going to be an adult, in other words. I don't see much of that going on today, and coupled with the fact that we as a society have taken the pain out of stupidity, I think that there are quite a few people headed for a fall. Or the hospital. And then blaming people like me for their stupid actions. Hell, I bet you all could cite examples of this off the top of your head.

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