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Friday, January 04, 2008

Fred Thompson places third

And Mike Huckster places first in Iowa. Although I'm pretty sure you already knew that.

Third is still a fighting position. On to New Hampshire!

Heh: What the F*&K is wrong with you people?

Here's what gets to me a little bit - Iowa is NOT the USA, and yet because it's the first caucus everyone is slobbering and drooling over the results coming out of there. My question is, why? The Baron du Toit reminds us that Pat Frickin' Buchanan got 25% of the vote in 1988.

PAT FREAKING BUCHANAN! Yeah, he went real far after that didn't he? It's probably thanks to Iowa that the rest of the country has to listen to Buchanan as the token "conservative" on talk shows all over the TV. Hell, that's another reason I junked cable down here.

But I'll make you a guarantee - Huckster's "aw shucks I'm a Baptist Preacher" routine won't fly nearly as well in New Hampshire. Or Vermont. Or Maine. So let's keep on keepin' on, and push for a Fred Thompson Presidency!

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