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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Busy day

One of my main gripes about being stationed down in this hellhole is that I don't actually have a real position. Never have. I'd love to expound upon that, but it would put out a wee little bit too much personal information over the net, and I'm really not too keen on that. I've already had an OPSEC officer tell me to cool it on the info part. But anyways, not having a position of my own, I get stuck into whatever job they need filled, even if I have absolutely no training in that job at all. It's like all the retards and dipshits in HQ are talking to themselves, and they go "Oh, hey, a Soldier! Put him into THAT job! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

I think the worst part is that I've been in good units who had their shit together, and this unit down here is so fucked up I cannot in good faith truly consider it a part of the US Army.

Well, luckily for me, I was just put into a position where I do indeed have the training! I started yesterday. And I'm going to be busy. Oh, hell am I going to be busy. It's about 0530 hrs. my time, and I'm sucking down coffee and getting ready for work as I type this. But I will actually be able to be productive without flailing around for a while trying to learn the job. I swear, I've learned about four different jobs here because of the idiots in charge just sticking me into them willy-nilly.

So anyways, if the posting seems a bit lite as of late, I apologize. I will post what I can when I can, and once I get caught up with the backlog at work, I'll post more.

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