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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Been doing some bloggish housework

Updated the Watcher of Weasels blogroll on the right. Added a 2nd Amendment blogroll, folks who are out there fighting the good fight on our behalf. The "Other Blogs of Note" blogroll is probably going to go bye-bye, and be replaced by one or two blogrolls based on subject matter and my highly biased, unobjective preferences. We'll see what happens and what I feel like doing.

As an aside, if you really, really, REALLY want onto our blogroll, let me know. Or publicly beg for the honor of being listed on this blog. Not that it's all that much of an honor, but I just like having people beg me for stuff once in a while.

UPDATE: New blogroll added. I cleared out over a dozen dead links, updated quite a few, and added one or two (Micheal, Steve B., give it a look!) I put the updated Watcher's Council onto it's own blogroll rather than having it hand entered. I'll be doing the same for the military links eventually.

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