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Monday, December 10, 2007

Pali-Arab sympathizer on HLF Jury...

Catch the comments at LGF about how the Investigative Project on Terrorism turned up a Pali-sympathizer on the Jury:
“If you’re going by the evidence in this room,” she recalls him snapping, “then you need to go home.”
...juror William Neal’s stridency may have changed the trial’s outcome. Neal even claimed credit for steering jurors away from convictions in a recent radio interview. Until now, he has been the sole source for public perception of the deliberations and the government’s case.
When a juror walked out in frustration after just four days of deliberations, it followed a confrontation with Neal. When another juror briefly refused to cast a vote, it was after a confrontation with Neal. Williams broke down several times during the 19 days jurors spent locked in debate. Each incident followed what she felt was an attack by Neal.
William Neal wasn't interested in "the evidence in this room":

The Dallas Morning News noted Neal “also had difficulty calling Hamas a terrorist group. ‘Part of it does terrorist acts, but it’s a political movement. It’s an uprising.’”
We'll be hearing more about William Neal soon...
MhoreOn William Neal's Jury nullification of the Holy Land Foundation trial at HotAir...
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