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Monday, December 17, 2007

if it's only a little broke, don't f*** it up worse

I had a thought the other day. The Raging_Dave knows where this comes from. Here it is...

Being in Puerto Rico, it has become painfully obvious how much we depend on our health care in the USA. The Raging_Dave will attest to the fact that we live are lives based on the fact that we *DO NOT WANT TO END UP IN AN E-ROOM DOWN HERE!!!!!!* The reality is that the medical here is unsanitary witchdoctory at best. I would assume it is about on par with most countries that have socialized medicine. We know, in the USA, that if we do something stupid and nearly end our own lives, we will be airlifted to the closest trauma unit, and unlike Humpty Dumpty, be put back together again. Unfortunately this has three probable negative effects:
1) Darwinism has not been allowed to work. This means that stupid people that *should have* died, did not.
2) The only thing, that these same said stupid people, learned was that they are immortal and there are no consequences for their actions, especially since they will probably opt not to pay, or go bankrupt on their multi-million dollar hospital bill.
3) If John Joe is not put back into OEM, he will more than likely sue and win a multi-million dollar settlement for pain and suffering, after all real damages!

Unfortunately the end result are people who have no concept of reality, more than likely a complete disconnect from their actions having any consequence, except that they get rewarded for their stupidity.

I wish I believed their was a way to educate these people. Unfortunately it is human nature to focus on what we want to. I believe that if forced to live with the consequences of their actions they will fall into a state of denial rather than understanding the gravity of the situation.

I have been a long time believer that medical advances are disrupting nature taking her course. But, as much as this pains me to say, peoples own greed is rapidly taking our medical advances away from us. Through our legal system; malpractice suits, valid or not, having multi million dollar judgments for pain and suffering, our medical practitioners are being taken from us because they can no longer afford the malpractice insurance. Malpractice insurance is not rated by how many times a particular practitioner has been sued, it is by the number of times practitioners of that field are sued. Whether the suits are successful or not, does not matter. The insurance company still had to pay for the lawyer(s). A few years ago you would have been hard pressed to find an OBGYN in Nevada due to these suits. There are many ideas of how to fix this problem. On site I ran across suggested"Improving health care quality and lowering costs by fixing our medical liability system". This is a current trend that many states are moving toward. Despite this recognition of a problem and necessary solution, some states such as California refuse to vote limits of liability into law. If this continues, their already strained(by illegal immigrants) medical system will be crippled until it is reformed.

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