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Thursday, December 20, 2007

How NOT to be a parent

I certainly haven't been kind when it comes to mocking Britney Spears, and I admit that. Sometimes the easy shots are the first ones you take. But dammit, I'm actually starting to feel sorry for her right now, especially with this news coming out about her sister being pregnant. Her sister is SIXTEEN YEARS OLD, and had a NINETEEN YEAR OLD LIVE IN BOYFRIEND.

Uh.... what? Just who the hell decided that this was a good idea? "Why yes, it's perfectly OK for your raging-hormone-filled boyfriend to sleep in bed with you! I'm sure that nothing will happen! What? You're pregnant? Gosh, what a surprise! Who woulda thunk it?"

Here's my take: The Spears' mother needs to be taken out back and horse-whipped until she obtains ambient air temperature. If you want to know why Britney and her sister are so screwed up, all you have to do is look at the parents. Or parent, in this case. Britney was turned into a sex object at what... fifteen or sixteen? And her parents got rich. Oh, Britney got rich too, but where do you think her money went to? A mutual fund? IRA? Low-risk investments? Hell no, the parents got it. They turned their daughter into a highly-paid stripper so that they could fill their bank account, and they did it when she was young. How many of you would allow your teenage daughter to cavort around in panties and bra in front of thousands of people? "Yeah, open your legs wider darling! And make sure they can see your boobs, just not the nipples. Here, grind against this pole while you stroke some guy's leg! Yeah, that's hot! We'll be rich!"

And then you wonder why Britney turned into a drug-smoking alcoholic who can't take care of her kids? She's only doing what she learned to do from HER mother. And little sis is only following in Britney's footsteps. Most younger siblings I know of wanted to be like their older brother or sister at some point, so it should be no surprise that little sis copied Britney's behaviors. She's only doing what SHE has been taught to do.

I honestly never want to hear about any member of the Spears family ever again. They're up there on a list with Paris Hilton as people I don't want to know about, hear about, or see ever again in my life. But despite all of my mocking, I just want to drive home the point that if Britney and her sister actually had a real mother, rather than an egg-donor who calls herself a mother, I probably wouldn't have a chance to mock them at all. I wouldn't feel the need.

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