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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Iran just announced that they have 3,000 centrifuges. Which means that they could have a nuclear weapon within a year.

I have met people who actually believe that Iran just wants a nuclear power plant. No, really, stop laughing! These people actually believe it!

And those people are a bunch of naive morons.

Iran announced it's intention to build a nuke years ago. They've also stated that once they had one, Tel Aviv goes bye-bye. This is THE major state sponsor of terrorism, and yet there are people who still walk around convinced that Iran is just "misunderstood", or that they really didn't mean it, it was all talk, yada yada yada. How frigging self-deluded do you have to be in order to think that Iran would hesitate to nuke either Israel or the USA? What kind of sand-poundingly stupid idiot do you have to be in order to look at Iran's track record and say "Oh, I don't see a problem!"

As Captain Ed mentions, Iran doesn't even need to put a nuke on a missile in order to get it where they want it - they can just give it to the latest splodydope JERM (Jihadist Extreme Radical Muslim) and have them walk it across our nice open border. And when LA, or Phoenix, or Dallas, or Miami goes up in a mushroom cloud, the same mentally deficient morons who told us that Iran wasn't a threat will be the first to blame Bush, the Republicans, the neo-cons, the jews, and everyone else for the deaths.

Oh, and if Iran starts a nuclear war with Israel? Yeah, you can count on half of the Middle East becoming a flat, glowing pane of glass. And when most of the world's oil supply is unusable for the next ten-thousands years or so, what do you think will happen? How many millions of people will die? Perhaps it would even reach the billions?

Iran cannot be trusted with anything more dangerous than a rusty spoon. Letting them build a nuke would put the entire world at risk. And yet that seems to be just what many people are willing to let happen.

I wonder if Israel is going to have to do all the dirty work again.

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