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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Truth, unvarnished

Captain Ed has the transcript up from his interview with Afghan Ambassador Said T. Jawad. Sometimes, a person says something that is such a fundamental truth that everybody has overlooked it. It needs to be repeated. Ambassador Jawad said one of those things:

We all demand freedom. We all hate dictatorship. I don't think that anywhere in the world anybody is either trying or it is possible to impose democracy... Democracy is not imposed, it is a value of a human being. What is being imposed is dictatorship. What you are doing in Afghanistan is trying to prevent others to impose dictatorship and despotism to the Afghan people. [The Taliban are] are teaching people what kind of clothes to wear, schools to go, and this is what you're trying to do, is to end despotism and dictatorship. You're not imposing democracy, you're preventing others from imposing dictatorship on the Afghan people, and to the region, and if they get their way, to the world.

(emphasis mine)

That needs to be printed out and tatooed on the foreheads of the Loony Left.

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