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Saturday, March 10, 2007

And yet again

The Left shows that they cannot handle facts, truth, or reality in any form. It's insane. THEY are insane. How can you deal with people that deluded? How can you have a debate when the people on the other side of the isle cannot even bother to keep up with current events, and instead make crap up on a daily basis?

Informed debate rests on the importance of that first word: INFORMED. But the Left, rather than keeping themselves informed, simply regurgitate the lies that they've made up and have been debunked for years. So for anyone still living in their make-believe world, here are the facts.

Joe Wilson lied in his NYT Op-Ed. He lied in his subsequent books. He lied on every speaking engagement he had. The only time he did not lie was when he sat in front of Congress and confirmed that Iraq had indeed been in Niger, and had indeed been attempting to purchase yellowcake uranium.
Valerie Plame was not a covert CIA agent when her name was released, and had not been one for years.
The person who released Plame's name was Richard Armitage, not Scooter Libby.
Armitage admitted to releasing Plames name, which was confirmed by the reporters to whom the name was released.

Facts don't change. And the above facts have not changed one iota. But the Democrats American Communist Party, taking their tactics straight from Stalin's "Big Book of Communist Tricks" have decided to toss facts right out the window and make up their own version.

And they've done so. They have then proceeded to shriek their version of "truth" from the rooftops, hoping that they can drown out everyone else who's trying to tell the real story. They want so badly to hurt the President, VP, Republicans, Conservatives and anyone else who gets in the way of their mad dash to power that they will create any falsehood, no matter how foul, in an attempt to hurt their enemies.

They truly have become like the communists of old. Lying, smearing, foul vicious parasites who's only goal is power. They don't want what is best for this country, they only want what is best for themselves.

They make me sick. Again.

UPDATE: Yowza! Check out Ric Locke in the comments to Jeff's post!

Saddam Hussein was a hateful, bloodyminded, bloody-handed tyrant who ran one of the nastiest regimes the planet has ever seen. Righties, we’ll stand before the Throne stammering excuses for supporting vile regimes, but Anastasio Somoza never fed people into a chipper-shredder. If the Left, including Democrats, believed one-tenth of what they’ve been spewing for the last half century they would have been screaming in the streets in 1993 for Clinton to remove Saddam by any means necessary.

Instead they have blocked that removal by any means possible, screamed in frustration when that blockage wasn’t successful, excused his excesses, lionized his followers, and made every attempt to vanish his crimes. In the course of that they have betrayed every Leftist and abandoned every democrat in Iraq.

So the only thing, the only strategy remaining to them is make it didn’t happen. It is imperative, a matter of psychic survival, that the Michael Moore “narrative” win out—that Uncle Joe Saddam was a benevolent father figure presiding over a somewhat-strict but peaceful, pastoral land of kite-flying children until viciously mauled by the evil George Bush.

Bush lied—not just about uranium in Africa but about everything: no Kurds got gassed, no Marsh Arabs got killed, no palaces got built with children’s food money, no living babies got thrown in an open ditch to be smothered with the bodies of their parents and buried. It didn’t happen—because if it did, if Bush didn’t lie, they have violated every precept, betrayed every principle, and smashed every ideal that makes the Left, including Democrats, anything but scare-tales to keep people lying awake sweating in fear.

Which is exactly what happened. Whether or not George Bush is a clever man, his record clearly shows that he isn’t a liar.

The thinking ones know it, and sweat bullets and swing into action immediately anything pops up that threatens to expose them. That’s where the feverish desperation comes from—there’s so much they have to suppress. It leaves them open to opportunists. Joe Wilson doesn’t believe in anything but Joe Wilson; his behavior is purely for his own aggrandizement, as is evident to anyone who examines the case, but the Left is forced to support the insupportable because to do otherwise is to threaten the sacred narrative.

It won’t get better soon, but it’ll never get better if the Right doesn’t keep up the pressure.

THAT needs to be bronzed and placed on a plaque above every doorway in Congress.

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