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Friday, February 23, 2007

Can Jim Zumbo be saved?

Cap'n Jim thinks so. And like anything Jim writes, I strongly suggest you go read it.

It is not too late for Mr. Zumbo to see the light which is indeed, the Black Rifle. It it not too late for Mr. Zumbo to do good for our cause.

It is better....far better, that we reclaim him and help him to redeem himself to a (albiet grudgingly) eventually forgiving community of arms, rather than for us to stack up our straw and wood under his pyre, and torch him though he has recanted..... (or is learning his recantation, however slowly.) I'm not deluded so as to think that Mr. Zumbo will fully grasp the weight of his betrayal in a few days, or even weeks.

But, in a year's time, and with a year's effort, I also have no doubt that he can become one of our loudest, most articulate and most effective voices. As such, I'd (re)welcome him (guardedly?) into the fold.

Not only is revenge a dish best served cold.... but the fact remains;

Success is the best revenge!

Come to the Dark Side, Jim.

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