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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

DHS/TSA = Crack-smoking retarded baboons

Troy Smith had to check his HEISMAN F**KING TROPHY!

Joe Foss had a moronic asshat try to take away his Medal of Honor because it "was metallic and had sharp points." Al Gore was stopped not once, but TWICE on one trip and searched. And now Troy Smith had to check the most prestigious award in college football because they didn't want him to carry it onboard the plane.





Despite the joy I get when I think of Algore getting a body cavity search in public, he's not a terrorist. Joe Foss, the Medal of Honor winning WWII ace, is not a terrorist. And Troy Smith is not a terrorist.

If the TSA cannot make the distinction between former Vice Presidents, Medal of Honor winners, Heisman trophy winners, and Khalid-Mohammad-DeathtoAmerica terrorists, what does that say about their job performance? They clearly have no idea who they are looking for. Either that, or they are unwilling to admit who they're looking for, which is even worse. In either case, they are unable to do their job.

What a crock.

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