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Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Left Supports the Troops, v.2

OK, so I'm over at Protein Wisdom, checking out some hysterical leftist comments on a post he wrote. One commenter, Major John, remarked about the Leftist hue and cry with this:

Thanks for making that point, Jeff. I do get a bit peeved when I see the oddballs that comment here...Do they assume we in the United States Armed Forces cannot apply force with any sense of discrimination? We are damned careful about what we do - not that any credit is ever given by the beets, Robs, et al. It feels like the unspoken assumption is that we are butchers, barely held in check, and that people like you would slip our muzzles off so we could go drown the world in blood… Bah.

To which a Leftard named "Dave" responded:

I believe Jeff’s argument consists mostly of your desire, to some degree, to do so....

Now, this is the same half-brain idiot who, when reminded that he had not addressed the actual point of the post, responded:

There you go, again. Insult, insult, insult. You guys might make someone feel unwelcome if you keep that up.

So, for those who are keeping tabs, that one count of deliberately ignoring the arguemnt while wildly making strawman arguments, and one count of flat out admitting that they think the military is nothing but a group of bloodthirsty thugs who want to raze the Earth flat.

Tell me again how the Left supports the troops?

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