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Monday, May 08, 2006

In Iraq, Thousands of Construction Projects Completed

How many have you heard about? The Democrat media can report every death at the hands of al Qaeda scum faithfully referred to as "insurgents", but in order to get reports like this we have to rely on conservative websites like National Review and authors like Bill Crawford who brings us another in illuminating series of compendiums on progress made in Iraq. Here's a sample:

Since March 2003, 11,600 construction projects have been started and 9,340 projects valued at $9.3 billion have been completed," said Kathye A. Johnson, director of reconstruction for the Gulf Region Division of the Army Corps of Engineers. "Rebuilding the infrastructure is helping the emergence of democracy and establishing the foundation for a strong economy.

In addition, reconstruction projects have added 1,400 megawatts to the Iraqi power grid and added 1.2 million cubic meters of water per day to the water system. Other progress includes:

— Hours of electric power in all areas of the country except Baghdad are now above prewar levels; U.S.-funded electricity projects have added 2,710 megawatts to Iraq's prewar generation capacity;

— U.S.-sponsored projects have provided potable water to 3.1 million more Iraqis and sewer service to an additional 5.1 million.

— Almost all Iraqi children have been inoculated against a variety of diseases.

— A total of 5,108 schools have been refurbished or repaired and more than 47,000 teachers have been trained.

I know people usually put a "read the whole thing" at the end of their entry, but you'll read what you want. Instead, I'll tell you to SPREAD THIS AROUND. Get it in front of as many eyes as possible because the Democrats, who recoil in horror any time someone mentions how obvious their desire to see the United States fail in Iraq is, don't seem interested in spreading around anything other than the number of soldiers and civilians killed in Iraq since the beginning of the war (the people killed before that point in time in Iraq don't count). If we want people to know how many schools we've built, teachers we've trained, students who are getting an education, hospitals built, supplies delievered, innoculations performed, increases in the amount of electricity available, the amount of potable water, the new sewer systems, roadways, police stations, trained Iraqi soldiers, terrorists killed, terrorists captured, weapons caches found, territory transfered over to Iraqi security forces, or any of the numerous indicators of progress within the country - we're going to have to inform them ourselves. Democrats can't find it within themselves to mention our accomplishments. I don't wonder why.

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