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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Washington State ballot hand recount

This is the Raging_Mrs. I feel a sudden urge to blog in the absence of Raging_Dave.

I will start by saying that I have been highly annoyed by the Democrats this WHOLE election.

It started with me sending in my Absentee ballot, unsigned.
OK, not a problem, I was sent an affidavit to sign, so my vote could be counted.
Realistically, I would not have been overly upset if my vote had not been counted because I hadn't followed the instructions. Yes, I signed and sent in the affidavit.

On voting day, I had DEMOCRATS show up at my doorstep,

"to make sure I made it to the polls".
How quaint...

On that Friday, I received a letter from the democratic party advising me that my ballot had been received unsigned, and that I should have received an affidavit to sign, in the mail.
I was not amused.
The very next day, I had a member of the democratic party come to my doorstep, for the same reason as before. He wanted to make sure that I had signed and sent in my affidavit. On the off chance I hadn't, he had one I could sign. The Raging_Mr. pulled me inside before I FULLY gave him a peice of my mind.

Then to find out the Democratic party went to court to get the records of any people who had issues with their ballots.

I am firmly of several opinions on this matter:

1) if anyone is unable to follow the directions on the ballot, unable to make it to the polls, or unable to mail in, or do what is needed to make their vote count, It shouldn't!!!!!

2)If a person needs to be babysat to vote, it doesn't matter enough for their vote to count

3)it was an invasion of my, and many other people privacy to get the records saying there was an issue with our votes


After all of the shenanigans to try to win a losing election, and the recount still putting Rossi in the lead, the issue continues to be pressed. Gregoir says that if this count says Rossi wins, that she will cease and desist. I am waiting to see what happens next.

The reality is the voters are tired of this. In a state that has typically gone Democratic, 70% of people, who took a Kiro pull say that the recount is not necessary.

Strangely enough, Rossi just keeps gaining votes.

If I can send 1 message to these people that keep pressing against hope and popularity, it is this,
GIVE IT UP! Let us have peace in our electoral system, and let it be done with.

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