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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Proof That Donks Are Incapable of Recognizing Their Own Stench

It being a time of celebration owing to a certain Big Greasy Crap Monster maligning a large swath of the left for us and all, I ask that you set down the bubbly and swallow the remnants washing around your pallet because I'm not buying any new keyboards or monitors. Mkay? Do you remember when the Donks at (Never) had the Bush Hitler comparison in the finals of their competition to create an anti-Bush ad? :) Matt at Blogs for Bush finds that when President Bush uses their own idiocy in a new campaign ad highlighting the rabid lunacy of the left, they can't recognize the stink of their own shit!

Kerry campaign blog ignorantly and hypocritically up in arms over Bush ad that samples ad of

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