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Saturday, February 07, 2004

Got Another One For Ya, Tim

Now John Kerry's campaign is planting volunteers at his appearances in order to make him appear tougher. At a rally yesterday at which he accepted the endorsement of Maine Gov. John Baldacci, Kerry faced down a heckler in the Portland audience who called out, "Why don't you tell them about your vote on the war and the Patriot Act?"

Kerry responded that he would -- but in time. "I never run away from anything, especially George Bush," Kerry said.

The candidate seemed to be quick on his feet in the response, and his retort garnered applause. Perhaps his quick thinking was the result of knowing the jibe was coming.

According to a Kerry campaign source, the campaign has been looking to plant local volunteers in crowds to mix it up, and to make it appear their man is facing down tough questioning. "This kind of confrontation pushes him up the line in news coverage," says the staffer. "Instead of facing a tough question from a reporter, the news guys have this seeming give and take to report on."

Ah, the internet. All the news that the liberal mass media would like to keep hidden.

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