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Wednesday, September 10, 2003


You know how some people can nail what you're feeling with just a stroke of the pen?

Yep. It's Cox and Forkum again.

So let's review, in the forlorn hope that someone from the Administration may just see this. (Yeah, it's million-to-one, but I can dream, can't I?)

You do not negotiate with terrorists. You do not take it easy on terrorists. You do not allow terrorists any space or privacy if you can prevent it. You do not go with half-measures, you do not try to think about how terrorists feel, you do not give succor to them, you do not allow them to breath or breed. You do not waffle, you do not make concessions, you do not concede diddly-squat. You do not rest.

You hit them, and hit them hard, with every last bit of strength that you have. You pound them flat, you eradicate them. You kill them, and then kill their families, and their family's families, until the entire line of terrorists has been exterminated. You bring the wrath of god himself, if you can. You make it plain and simple that attacks against us will bring retrobution so merciless and unforgiving that future terrorists will quake in fear at the mere thought of what could happen should they try to attack us.

It. Is. That. Simple!

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