Day by Day

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

I listened to the debate on the radio

 I can sum it up in a few sentances:  Trump getting interrupted at every turn, while interrupting Biden at least half the time.  Gropey Joe Biden lying his ass off with every other statement.  Chris Wallace propping Biden up at every turn.  Trump having to take on Lying Joe and Chris Wallace because they're on the same team.

I mean seriously, Chris Wallace couldn't have been more obvious about his support for Grampa Stinkfinger if he had been shoving Namenda up Biden's ass with his tongue while giving him a reach-around on live TV.  Come to think about it, that's pretty much what the latter half of the debate devolved into, with Chris Wallace actually reading Joe Biden his climate plan so that the senile commie could remember what he was supposed to be saying.

Yes, that really happened.  That's not hyperbole.  That's how bad it was.

Chris Wallace spent an hour and a half protecting Joe Biden and attacking Donald Trump, while Trump ended up throwing punches at two opponents instead of one.  Wallace is emblematic of the direction that Fox News is heading.  I guess the Marxist owners of Fox News have decided to throw away any charade of objectivity and go full on CNN.  I wonder when they'll fire Tucker Carlson.

Later last night I actually saw a small video clip of the debate.  Holy shit, Slow Joe looks horrible.  The upper half of his face doesn't move at all.  He smiles and he looks like a comic book villain.  He looks like shit, and if that's how he looks after being in his basement resting for the past two months, what's he going to look like next week?

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Wishes, granted

 One of the roads I use to get to work is called the "Legacy Parkway".  It's a side-road to I-15, which is a snarled jumbled of idiocy and fucktardedness.  I avoid it whenever possible, which means I spend quite a bit of time on the Legacy Parkway.

Other people do this as well, including the some of those idiotic fucktards.  There's always some fucktard on his phone doing 85 in an 65, and forcing everyone else to react to their fucktardedness.  And as I'm riding down the road, watching the fucktards to their fucktarded thing, I mutter to myself "Damn, if the State Troopers spent a week here, they'd make bank with the tickets they would write!"

My wish has been granted.  Last week and this week, the State Troopers have been out in force.  I've seen at least three cars pulled over every single day.  Lots of flashy flashy lights, which means lots of tickets.  And the level of fucktardery going on has dropped significantly, which means that I can ride to work without having to dodge fucktards going lightspeed while texting their buddies.  Hopefully the state has made up a significant portion of their budget shortfalls while forcing the fucktards to not be so fucktarded for a while.

Schadenfreude.  I haz it.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Send her back

 She's obviously more comfortable with how things are done back in her home country.

Ilhan Omar is an anti-American marxist shitbag, and she should have never been allowed into this country.  She committed fraud to get here, and she's done nothing but commit fraud ever since.

The Shamdemic continues

 How about you actually test people for the Peking Pox before you say it killed them, eh?  Could we at least do that?

Sure, the motorcycle accident “COVID deaths” make the news from time to time, but it increasingly seems like the people who were on their last legs already are the real death-count drivers here. For example, Fox News aired a report last week on what has been uncovered in Milwaukee County, and it’s beyond stunning. Specifically, 410 out of 422 deaths attributed to COVID-19 occurred in patients with potentially deadly underlying conditions. Forget 94% - this is 97%, and most had at least two to three, if not five or six underlying, potentially deadly comorbidities. And even more striking, several weren't even tested before being listed as having had the virus based on symptoms alone, yet ALL had COVID-19 listed as a cause of death.

I do not believe the Kung Flu death count because I cannot trust the people giving us the numbers.  This scamdemic is complete and utter bullshit, and the tyrants in charge who are shutting everything down are using bullshit numbers to keep their bootheels on the citizens of this country.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

If you want to know what Democrats will do to America, just look at California

 And be prepared to recoil in horror.

Throughout Garcetti’s seven years as Mayor, Los Angeles has witnessed a shocking explosion of homelessness. When he took office in 2013, the city had about 23,000 residents classified as homeless, two thirds of whom were unsheltered, living on the streets. By mid-2019, the figure was about 36,000, and three-quarters of them were living on the streets. Currently, there are 41,000 homeless. Garcetti’s pet plan to alleviate the homelessness crisis was the construction of permanent supportive housing. In 2016, compassionate voters approved $1.2 billion in new spending to fund these units. Three years later, only 72 apartments had been built, at a cost of about $690,000 apiece. Meanwhile, an El Salvador-based company has come up with nifty $4,000 3D-printed houses that look like great places to live and can be put up in a single day.

It's not just the rampant waste, fraud and abuse that comes with every single Democrat administration.  It's the rampant lawlessness as well.

One morning, about a week after his arrival, I sat down at my computer and discovered it was feces o’clock (approximately 6am Pacific Time). The stench of human waste was wafting in from the sidewalk, which apparently was doubling as a toilet. I had become afraid to go out my locked gate, even to get the mail from the box just on the other side, so I got up on my kitchen step stool and leaned over the fence to hose off the sidewalk.

The felon, irate to be awakened by the rather normal neighborhood sound of a person using a garden house, flew out of the van in a rage. My gate is steel-frame, covered by wood planks, and six feet high like the rest of my fence, but it is still terrifying to have a man pounding on it with both fists and yelling “You bitch! I’ll get you, bitch!” Terrified, I dropped the hose, screamed, “I’m calling 911,” and ran inside. Probably figuring the arrival of police was imminent, he took off with his girlfriend on the motorcycle.

My neighbors and I call 911 from time to time, like if we hear a woman screaming in the city parking lot near us. And the police always come pronto. But that morning, time went by, and no police. A half-hour. Forty-five minutes. An hour. This was upsetting. And let’s be clear: It is not the fault of the police. Though the $150 million “defund the police” cuts have yet to hit the department, the mayor’s prohibition on enforcement against abusive “campers” has served to effectively drain the force’s existing capacity, since police often have to come out over and over to the same locations, powerless to resolve the underlying issues.

Do go read it all.  Understand that this is what they want to do to you, no matter where you live.  

Friday, September 25, 2020

Switch the races and see what would happen

 Four-year-old white boy murdered in cold blood.  Media blackout on the news.

You want a race war?  This is how you get a race war.

And as for the perp, a public hanging seems appropriate.

Military folks know....


Military Ballots thrown away

 I'm not shocked.

Mail-in ballots from the military serving overseas were found in the trash in Pennsylvania. The ballots were discovered during an investigation into election issues in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. They were all votes for President Trump.

They found nine.  That should be nine decades of jail time for whatever shitnugget did this.  But you and I both know that nine is just the tip of the iceberg.  They found nine.  How many haven't been found yet?

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Breonna Taylor was helping her drug-dealing boyfriend deal drugs out of her apartment

 And her boyfriend was there, and he shot at the cops first after they announced they were there.  It's amazing what you find out when there's actual penalties for lying your ass off.

People looking to blame Taylor's death on anyone but Taylor herself should point to the boyfriend who opened fire on police officers. At that point, officers have every right to defend themselves. 

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.  Help your drug-dealing loser boyfriend run illegal drugs out of your apartment, the cops are going to show up at some point.  When your loser drug-dealing boyfriend opens fire on the cops, the cops have every right to return fire.  

And the city officials who allowed the lies to spread are just as culpable for the violence that's going on right now.

At this point, if he whipped off his pants and threw his dirty diaper into the crowd, would you be shocked?

 And the media would find a way to proclaim the action "stunning and brave".

Yeah, sorry, I have to put the daggers away for just a second. I know we’re in the final stages of a presidential election. I know we have a SCOTUS fight ahead of us. But we have to settle this right now. Did Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) poop his pants? Seriously, have you seen the clip? The man looks like he straight-up ‘sharted’ and tried to get away from centerstage as quickly as possible without evidence of his accident spilling into the public view. 

Watch the clip.  That dude sharted himself.  He's doing the straight-leg stagger to exit stage left, desperately hoping that the shit doesn't come dribbling out.

One, I'm not surprised that he shit himself, he seems the kind of guy to do it.  Two, had this been a republican, it would be nightly news, but instead the media is going to protect their lords and masters to the hilt.

It still doesn't mean it's not funny to see that grotesque little shitbag stagger off like he just got hit with a cattle prod.