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Friday, June 23, 2017

In case you didn't know

Basset Hounds snore.  Great dogs, love 'em to death, friendly as all get out, love to hang out on the couch, but holy cow snoring.

We're dog sitting for some friends.  Luckily as I said, he hangs out on the couch and not in the bedroom.  Because I couldn't sleep with this under my bed all night long.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The FBI is now converged and worthless

The organization that refused to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her many crimes now says that the guy who targeted Republicans, scouted the ball field, worked for Bernie and raged against Trump "didn't have a target in mind".

The FBI literally states that Hodgekinson didn't have any target in mind when he asked whether it was Republicans or Democrats playing ball.  Apparently, the explicit list of targeted Republicans found on Hodgekinson wasn't enough of a clue as to who he was targeting.

I don't know what all is going on at the FBI HQ.  But I do know this - they are fully taken over by the Left, and now should be considered as nothing more than an armed wing of the Democrat Party.  There is no more impartiality at the FBI.  It is nothing more than a pathetic group of government thugs working for one side of the political spectrum.

Democrats love Vote Fraud

It's how they win, time after time.

A research group in New Jersey has taken a fresh look at postelection polling data and concluded that the number of noncitizens voting illegally in U.S. elections is likely far greater than previous estimates. 
As many as 5.7 million noncitizens may have voted in the 2008 election, which put Barack Obama in the White House.

Democrats only win elections where they cheat and steal.  I'm willing to bet that the Clinton camp had millions of votes illegally put in to the system by one way or another.  That's why they didn't campaign in Wisconsin; they thought they had it in the bag with voter fraud.  It worked in Minnesota to get Al "The Fuckheaded Clown" Franken elected in 2010.  But they didn't count on people coming out just to vote against Hillary, and they didn't stuff the ballot box enough, so they lost.

If Republicans were actually serious about holding on to their seats, they would make damn sure that voter fraud was greatly reduced all over the country.

As has been pointed out

A woman won the special election in Georgia's 6th district.  And the Democrats have absolutely lost their minds in a howling fit of rage, spite and hatred.

Why are Democrats so misogynist?

Found this at Ace's place

How.....  appropriate.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Last day of vay-cay

Trying to get into the mindset to go back to work.

Yeah, it's old.  Screw you.  Notice anything different from the version that gets played on air?

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I'm not a big fan of many things that end in "-cide"

Herbicide being one of those.  That being said, it appears that the Left has done what it will do, and lied its ass off about RoundUp.

Hundreds of cancer patients promptly sued Monsanto, claiming the company had concealed the danger of carcinogenicity, notwithstanding the fact that it would be hard to find a farmer who hadn’t been exposed to glyphosate. The European Union said it would consider IARC’s finding when deciding whether to continue to allow glyphosate to be used in Europe. “Environmentalists” had scored a major coup. 
But the whole thing turned out to be a fraud. Reuters has investigated, aided by access to deposition testimony in one or more of the lawsuits against Monsanto, which evidently was not subject to a protective order. Briefly put, the author of the IARC’s carcinogenicity study, Aaron Blair, an epidemiologist from the U.S. National Cancer Institute, covered up his own research showing that exposure to glyphosate did not lead to a higher incidence of cancer in humans.

As Powerline points out, you cannot trust any "scientific" studies from a Leftist organization anymore.  Their politics win out over truth, reality, and facts.

Monday, June 19, 2017

I didn't look at a single bit of politics yesterday

Up early, went to church.  Heard a good sermon.  Changed clothing, drove down to Colonial Williamsburg.  We have a guest in the house who hasn't been East of Idaho in his life, so we're giving him a tour.  Spent the day walking around, taking tours.  Today will be downtown Richmond, museums, etc.

Kinda nice being unplugged for a bit.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

More Obama corruption being shut down

The entire Obama administration was like a nest of termites, eating away at the house of the Republic.  You'll be finding damage for decades to come.  And I don't think we can fix all of it.  But this makes me smile:  AG Sessions ends Obama's illegal payoffs to left-wing groups.

Obama deserves to rot in jail for the rest of his life.

Here's a list that should make you go to the range and start practicing again

A list of attacks against Conservatives by the Left.

You DO go to the range, don't you?

Friday, June 16, 2017

For this alone, the EPA should be dismantled

The Gold King Mine disaster.  I've posted on this before.  It keeps getting worse.

The EPA is, at best, a collection of some of the dumbest, most arrogant, unaccountable people to ever hold power in Washington D.C.  And the EPA is rarely if ever at it's best.

More often than not, it is yet another thuggish arm of a thuggish government determined to strip property rights away from law-abiding Americans.

Reminder: Democrats hate you and want you to die

Shots fired at truck flying Trump flag.

Several shots were fired at a truck flying a “Make America Great Again” flag and an American flag on a highway in Indianapolis Tuesday afternoon, Fox 59 reported. Luckily, no one was hurt in the incident, which looks like a possible case of left-wing terrorism.

This shit ain't gonna stop until lots of people are dead.  As Og is fond of saying, we're not voting our way out of this mess.

This is my shocked face

Trump orders government to stop work on Y2K bug, 17 years later.

Now, that little blurb is included in a whole slew of reforms that are going on right now with the Office of Management and Budget.  But how the fucking fuck were we still working on crap for Y2K in 2017?

Oh, right - because as long as someone is getting a paycheck from the government to do it, they'll find endless excuses to do it no matter what.

Folks, every now and then you have to stop and re-assess the systems you have in place.  Get rid of the junk.  See if any improvements can be made.  Naturally, the government sucks at this, because that means you're re-assessing someone's cash cow, and that tends to make the person milking that cash cow grumpy.  But that's even more reason to do it.  I don't care if the person at the Office of Buggy Whips and Carriage Harnesses is grumpy over their cash cow getting slaughtered.  It needs to be slaughtered.