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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Well, now I'm depressed.

Time to go buy more ammo.

In today’s America, a network of executive, judicial, bureaucratic, and social kinship channels bypasses the sovereignty of citizens. Our imperial regime, already in force, works on a simple principle: the president and the cronies who populate these channels may do whatever they like so long as the bureaucracy obeys and one third plus one of the Senate protects him from impeachment. If you are on the right side of that network, you can make up the rules as you go along, ignore or violate any number of laws, obfuscate or commit perjury about what you are doing (in the unlikely case they put you under oath), and be certain of your peers’ support. These cronies’ shared social and intellectual identity stems from the uniform education they have received in the universities. Because disdain for ordinary Americans is this ruling class's chief feature, its members can be equally certain that all will join in celebrating each, and in demonizing their respective opponents. 
And, because the ruling class blurs the distinction between public and private business, connection to that class has become the principal way of getting rich in America. Not so long ago, the way to make it here was to start a business that satisfied customers’ needs better than before. Nowadays, more businesses die each year than are started. In this century, all net additions in employment have come from the country’s 1,500 largest corporations. Rent-seeking through influence on regulations is the path to wealth. In the professions, competitive exams were the key to entry and advancement not so long ago. Now, you have to make yourself acceptable to your superiors. More important, judicial decisions and administrative practice have divided Americans into “protected classes”—possessed of special privileges and immunities—and everybody else. Equality before the law and equality of opportunity are memories. Co-option is the path to power. Ever wonder why the quality of our leaders has been declining with each successive generation?

Do go read the whole thing.  There's not much hope left for the country we call the USA, but what is really just the takers and the makers duking it out.  And the takers are winning.  That's the death of any civilization.

Buy more ammo.  I think we're going to need it.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Nucking Futs....

The Loony Liberals living in Koo-Koo Land (AKA Los Angeles) have now decided that police officers need to run away from armed criminals.

No, really.  They actually said that.

You couldn't pay me enough to be a cop right now.  It's damned if you do, damned if you don't, and the criminals always win.

If someone is coming at you with a knife, shoot them.  If someone is coming at you with a gun, shoot them.  If someone is coming at you with a bat, a sword, a chainsaw, an actual chain, or bricks in both hands...


"Oh but Dave, how can you decide that their life blah blah blah blah" FUCK that stupid bullshit.  I didn't make that decision.  THEY made that choice when they decided to attack me.  I don't attack people.  I don't go around committing assault on people on the street.  Don't want to get shot?  Cool!  I don't want to shoot you.  But if you come at me with intent to harm me or mine, I'll put you down like a rabid dog, and I won't have any damn qualms about it.

People who come at cops with weapons deserve to get shot.  Cops deserve to shoot people coming at them with a weapon.  It's too sad that the people running Lost Angeles are so fucking drug-addled and mentally ill that they cannot comprehend this simple fact.

And it's yet another reason why I will never go back to that fucking shithole.

Blacked out

The Z Man writes what's in my head.

I’ve simply had enough. I’m all blacked out. I’m tired of the blame shifting and excuse making. I’m tired of seeing people, who know better, lying to me on TV. Those rich sportsball talkers ain’t living in my neighborhood. They are as far away from the Black Lives Matter types as possible. They live in gated communities with the honkies. Their honky cohorts on TV are not even driving through my neighborhood. They are despicable hypocrites, who deliberately say things on television that make our lives worse. 
Black America does not have a race problem. It ain’t honkies robbing, looting and killing in the ghetto. They don’t have a cop problem. The cops shoot fewer black offenders than white offenders. They don’t have a gun problem either. Black America has a black guy problem. They have far too many black guys robbing, looting and killing, almost always doing so at the expense of blacks. They won’t let me fix that problem, so stop demanding I feel bad about it. I’m done. I’m all blacked out.

I am tired of seeing people on TV demanding that I apologize for things that happened before my parents were born.

I never owned slaves.  They never picked cotton.  Got it?

More than that, blacks have been given just about every chance to succeed in America, and instead they commit massive crimes, mostly against each other, and then both blame Whitey as the cause and demand that Whitey fix the problem.

I ain't buying it.

And I'm all out of fucks to give.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Any interest I had in watching the Mariners just went down the drain

Mariners suspend catcher for Charlotte protest tweets.

Clevenger, 30, who has played in just 22 games this season, issued an apology Thursday night for his tweets referring to protests in North Carolina following the fatal police shooting of an African American. He will not appeal his suspension, according to a person with direct knowledge of the issue. The person spoke to USA TODAY Sports on condition of anonymity because the matter is ongoing.

I am tired of sports leagues who allow certain athletes to do anything and everything up to murder and still get to play, but speak ONE SINGLE FUCKING WORD against the liberal orthodoxy, and you're out on your ass.

I've been a Mariners fan as long as I've been a Seahawks fan - I remember Griffey Sr. and Jr. being on the team together.  But quite frankly I'm sick of this shit, and the Mariners can kiss my ass.

I'm done watching baseball for now.  Might change my mind later.  I doubt it, seeing as how the chances of me spending hundreds of dollars to go sit in a sporting venue were close to nil before all this happened.

Just as the Founders intended!

So, I own a musket for home defense, since that's what the Founding Fathers intended.  So imagine this scenario:

Four ruffians break into my house.

"What the Devil?" I sputter as I grab my powdered wig and Kentucky rifle.  Take aim at the first scaliwag, blow a golf-ball sized hole through his chest, he's dead on the spot.

Draw my pistol on the second man, misses him entirely because it's a smoothbore and nails the neighbor's dog.

I have to resort to the cannon mounted at the top of the stairs loaded with grape-shot.  "TALLY-HO, LADS!" as the grape-shot shreds two men in the blast, the sound and extra shrapnel flying through the air set off car alarms all throughout the neighborhood.

I fix my bayonet and charge the last terrified rapscallion.  He bleeds out waiting on the police to arrive since triangular bayonet wounds are impossible to stitch up.

Just as the Founders intended.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Mitch McConnell is the kind of backstabbing shitstain that's destroying America

He's the worst kind of politician.  He's a caricature, only he's real and he's destroying the Republican Party from the inside out.  He's giving Barack Obama everything he wants while shitting all over the conservatives who elect Republicans.

And then the GOP wonders why Trump won the nomination.  Fucking traitorous anal warts!

I knew I needed to eat more cheese!

Eating cheese does good things for you!

This isn't the first time a study has linked cheese to good health. A recent study from Japan found that cheese consumption prevents fat accumulation in the liver and has the potential to improve serum lipid parameters - how we measure for cardiovascular risk. 
Meanwhile, a small 2015 study found that cheese could be the key to a faster metabolism and reduced obesity.

Eat cheese!  It's healthy for you!

One addendum - American "cheese" isn't really cheese.  It's glue with food coloring added.  Start with a good sharp cheddar, and work your way from there.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Black Police Officer shoots black criminal holding a gun

And Charlotte, NC goes insane.  Here's a little taste of what this Dindu Nuffin had in his past.

Scott was convicted in April 2004 of a misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon charge in Mecklenburg County. Other charges stemming from that date were dismissed: felony assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, and misdemeanors assault on a child under 12, assault on a female and communicating threats. 
In April 2015 in Gaston County Court, Scott was found guilty of driving while intoxicated. 
In 1992, Scott was charged in Charleston County, S.C., with ​several different crimes on different dates, including carrying ​a concealed weapon​ (not a gun), simple assault and contributing to ​the delinquency of a minor. ​He pleaded guilty to ​all charges. 
Scott also was charged with aggravated assault in 1992​ and assault with intent to kill in 1995. Both charges were reduced, but the disposition of the case​s​ is unclear.

Emphasis in the original.  So this Boy Scout/Choir Boy hops out of his car during a traffic stop with a gun in his hand, and the police do what police do when you jump out of your car with a gun.  But who's the cop?

The Charlotte Observer provides this profile of Officer Vinson. From it, we learn that he grew up in Charlotte, was a football star in high school, and dreamed of becoming a police officer like his father. 
Vinson was all-conference in football as a high school junior, but was unable to play during his senior year due to a serious knee injury. The next year, he played at a prep school, earning a scholarship to Liberty University.  
At Liberty, Vinson studied criminal justice. He became a captain of the football team and led it in tackles as a senior in 2012.  
In 2014, Vinson joined the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police force. He has not been subject to any disciplinary action, according to personnel records released by the police department.

So we have a black cop and a black Dindu Nuffin involved in this.  Even though the cop was black, the feral population does not care, they have a narrative to uphold, so riots, looting and vandalism commence.

And this is why I will never live in or around a black community.

That ain't racism, that's just plain old common sense.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Stop allowing Churchians to tell you that mass immigration must be allowed

So, how many times has some Churchian (I love that term!) brought up the parable of the Good Samaritan when talking about immigration and refugees?  "But Jesus said to take care of people!  Good Samaritan and stuff!"

Folks, the Good Samaritan brought the injured man to an inn and paid his tab.  He didn't bring the guy home to his house and lay him on the couch.

Vox Day links to an article about St. Thomas Aquinas and his teachings on immigration.  If you want to know what true Christian teaching on immigration is, one of the Great Doctors of the Catholic Church ought to do, eh?

These are some of the thoughts of Saint Thomas Aquinas on the matter of immigration based on biblical principles. It is clear that immigration must have two things in mind: the first is the nation’s unity; and the second is the common good. 
Immigration should have as its goal integration, not disintegration or segregation. The immigrant should not only desire to assume the benefits but the responsibilities of joining into the full fellowship of the nation. By becoming a citizen, a person becomes part of a broad family over the long term and not a shareholder in a joint stock company seeking only short-term self-interest. 
Secondly, Saint Thomas teaches that immigration must have in mind the common good; it cannot destroy or overwhelm a nation. 
This explains why so many Americans experience uneasiness caused by massive and disproportional immigration. Such policy artificially introduces a situation that destroys common points of unity and overwhelms the ability of a society to absorb new elements organically into a unified culture. The common good is no longer considered.

Nowhere but in the fevered minds of liberal Churchians does it say that Christ demands unlimited, unregulated mass immigration.  In fact, it's the opposite.  We have no obligation to allow the hordes in to our country, we need to go there and convert them.

Now I just need to beat that into the heads of the Cardinals of the Catholic Church here in the USA.

Obama hates America

You know he does.  He's not even trying to hide it anymore.

That anti-American fucking shitstain has damaged this country beyond repair.  And the real disease is the fact that this country voted for him twice.  He's the hacking cough of a guy who hasn't had his lung cancer diagnosed yet.

I'm buying more ammo.