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Monday, February 08, 2016

The military now resembles a science fiction movie

A while back, I read "A Desert Called Peace" by Tom Kratman.  In it, the old earth is essentially one gigantic UN, and the Federated States military care more about social justice and environmentalism than they do about winning wars.

Thanks to that fucking Marxist shitheel currently infecting the Oval Office, that sci-fi story is coming true.

The Pentagon is ordering the top brass to incorporate climate change into virtually everything they do, from testing weapons to training troops to war planning to joint exercises with allies. 
A new directive’s theme: The U.S. Armed Forces must show “resilience” and beat back the threat based on “actionable science.”

I cannot begin to tell you how infuriated I am every time something like this pops up.  The damage that has been done, and is still being done to our military is incalculable.  We're not coming back from this.

And then I start to think about all the Obama myrmidons out there, who cheer his every action, and that anger burns even hotter.  But slower.  Like a fire that's been banked, just waiting for the next bit of fuel and air.

Obama, that repugnant, slimy piece of anti-American shit, is not the problem.  Obama is the symptom of the problem.  The problem is the huge number of people living in this country who care more about getting their free crap than they care about the future of the country.  The problem is the sheer number of people living in this country who don't even like it here, because they've been brainwashed by legions of socialist/communist fuckwads in schools and universities, but who don't have a clue what it's like outside their pampered bubbles.  The problem is the ignorant pukes at Occupy Wall Street camps screaming about how corporations are evil into their iPhones to upload on YouTube.  Thew problem is men without chests.

There will come another war.  Unlike the last one, the vast majority of deaths will most likely occur in urban areas, because that's where these idiotic, ignorant, pampered, selfish Marxist drones live.  And if that's the case, then we don't need to root them out of the fields and forests and glens and dells.  We just have to keep them from leaving their urban jails, and let nature, and the Democrat Free Shit Army do the rest.

Congrats to the Denver Broncos

I figure this will probably be Payton Manning's last game.  He's had a hell of a career, and to go out on top is what players want to do.

As a side note - if there's one celebrity I look like, it's Payton Manning.  I've actually been accosted by people who thought I was him, until they got up close and found out that I was a few inches shorter.  So, when he retires, there will be nobody famous who looks like me.  Bummer.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

I turned off the debate last night

Got tired of watching people fall into the MSM's same old trick of getting them to defeat themselves.

Rubio and Christie's bitch-slap fight got tiresome real quick.  Rubio can't play Christie's game and win.  Christie enjoys getting dirty, Rubio's schtick depends on him staying clean.

Everybody was invited to pile on Cruz.  They obliged.  I think he handled it rather well, considering it was question after question of "Governor, don't you agree that Senator Cruz is the anti-Christ?"

Eventually, you can only listen to the same old tired track.  I turned it off.  I didn't see anything that made me want to vote for anyone other than Cruz and maybe Trump.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

I still like Carly

Even though she's been relegated to the back bench at the debates.  Which is a load of hogwash, if you ask me.  I'd rather have her on stage than Kasich or Bush.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Thursday, February 04, 2016


So, I was going to stop by the RoK meetup in Wisconsin.  It had been canceled because Roosh couldn't promise the safety and security of the attendees.  The local news just ran a story that says "Pro-Rape Meeting Canceled".

Yeah, tell me there's no liberal media.  That's the kind of thing that makes my blood boil.

The Left is racist, example 2,548,191

Rubio and Cruz aren't really Latino, says the NYT.

The link goes to Ace of Spades HQ, so it's safe to click.  But just like when the Left tried to paint George Zimmerman as a "White Hispanic", and oh, about every black conservative being told that they're not really black, the Left cannot prevent itself from demanding that minorities perform actions based on the color of their skin.

The Party of Slavery never really dropped their racist roots, and it shows.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Military overspending

Hey, I wonder who many more troops we could have in the force if we eliminated some of the BILLIONS of dollars of fraud and waste?

Waste at the Pentagon is nothing new. But recent revelations suggest that it may be reaching historic levels. 
The Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction has uncovered scandal after scandal involving U.S. aid to that country, including the creation of private villas for a small number of personnel working for a Pentagon economic development initiative and a series of costly facilities that were never or barely used. An analysis by ProPublica puts the price tag for wasteful and misguided expenditures in Afghanistan at $17 billion, a figure that is higher than the GDP of 80 nations.

I'm one of the first people who will jump up and defend military spending, but that means I have to be one of the first to jump up and demand that the money being spend in the military gets spent properly.  I've been in several positions where I had financial liability for several projects, and if there were a discrepancy, the Army would hunt me down and take it out of my paycheck.  So I made damn sure I knew where every single penny went.  There was no fraud.  There were no discrepancies.  I think that if we started hitting the people committing the fraud in their pocketbook (as well as some jail time) that fraud would end rather quickly.

But that would mean that when people commit fraud, they get punished.  And since the VA can't even stick to the punishment for the people who jacked $400k from them, I don't see that happening any time soon.

Although Kimberly Graves and Diana Rubens are excellent reasons why the VA needs to be dismantled and turned over to a private company.

Got nailed with snow yesterday

And I loved every last minute of it, even the shoveling.