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Thursday, October 23, 2014

More Racism in the NFL

But of course, it is the racism which shall never be mentioned.  And since it's effecting my Seahawks, I'm going to mention it.  There's a report out about the problems encountered by the Seattle Seahawks with regards to how players are meshing in the locker room, and why Percy Harvin got traded.

There is also an element of race that needs to be discussed. My feeling on this—and it's backed up by several interviews with Seahawks players—is that some of the black players think Wilson isn't black enough.
This, again, was similar to the situation with McNabb. And this, again, will be denied by Seattle people. But there is an element of this.
This is an issue that extends outside of football, into African-American society—though it's gotten better recently. Well-spoken blacks are seen by some other blacks as not completely black. Some of this is at play.
Russel Wilson is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL right now.  He's also well spoken, clean-cut, and doesn't do stupid shit, at least not that anyone knows of.  He's a big part of the reason that everyone was wearing Superbowl rings, including Percy Harvin.  But in today's society, if you have dark skin you have to act "black", talk "black", vote "black", and if you dare to step off the plantation you're labeled as a race traitor.

It's the same thing that happens to black conservatives.  Think of the vitriol, abuse and hatred directed at Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, Alan West, Thomas Sowell, and any other black person who doesn't immediately kow-tow to the Democrat Party.  Yes, I said hatred and abuse, because that's what they have to put up with.

And now that mindset has transferred into the NFL.  Of course it has.  The NFL is only a representation of the people who make it up, and there's no indication that the blacks in the NFL somehow think differently than the blacks outside of the NFL. 

So here's my question:  What exactly does "acting black" or "talking black" look like?  What does it take for someone to be "completely black?"

Here's another question that'll make the Left go nuts, although that's not too hard....  Who would you want taking care of your child?  Someone who was "completely black", or someone who was scorned as not being "black" enough?

Who would you want as a role model for your child?  Someone who acted "completely black", or someone who was scorned as not being "black" enough?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

AJ Fernandez Spectre

If you're a pipe smoker who likes English blends, then this cigar is the bomb-diggity.

My only complaint is the price.  Right now, depending on who you go through, it's about $50 for a box of ten.  Now don't get me wrong, a good cigar is worth $5 easily.  However, this is a pipe-lover's cigar, and more importantly, a pipe-lover who likes Latakia tobacco.  Which means for $10-$15, you can get a tin of tobacco with Latakia in it that will last you much, much longer than a single cigar.  So unless you really, REALLY like cigars more than pipes but still want that English/Balkan flavor, it's kind of an answer without a question.

My impression?  If I can find it on sale, I'm picking it up because it's a darn good cigar with a twist.  But I don't think I would pay full price for it, as I can get the same aroma and taste from a whole host of different pipe tobacco blends.

Speaking of which, I'm currently trying a blend called Saint Olaf, which is pretty much a classic English/Balkan blend.  Good flavor, doesn't smoke to hot, and it burns down all the way to white ash without any left-overs.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Voter Fraud and Battlespace Preparation

So a Illinois state representative who tried to cast a ballot for himself during early voting had his machine constantly switch his vote to his opponent.

You got that?  These things DO NOT HAPPEN BY ACCIDENT.  This is a big part of how Obama was elected.  This is how Mitt Romney got 0% of the votes in certain Cleveland districts.  This is how Democrats pervert democracy and steal elections all over the USA.

Tar.  Feathers.  Repeat.  Or rope.  Lamp-post.  Duplicate as necessary.

Called the Mayor's office yesterday

Left 'em a relatively polite message, but still got the point across.  Will keep following this story.  I have people I used to work with calling me up because they recognized the name of the town, and remembered it's my home-town.  "Dave, what's up with Idaho?"

Someone needs to find whoever made this decision and stomp a mudhole in their ass, then walk it dry.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Saw this yesterday at Og's place

And today over at Ace of Spades.  I actually refused to blog about it on Sunday, because Sundays are one of my few days where I can lay my worries aside and say "Screw it, today I'm relaxing."  So I held off on getting upset.

But oh look, it's Monday, and I'm pissed off.

Two Christian ministers who own an Idaho wedding chapel were told they had to either perform same-sex weddings or face jail time and up to $1,000 in fines, according to a lawsuit filed Friday in federal court. 
Alliance Defending Freedom is representing Donald and Evelyn Knapp, two ordained ministers who own the Hitching Post Wedding Chapel in Coeur d’Alene. 
“Right now they are at risk of being prosecuted,” attorney Jeremy Tedesco told me. “The threat of enforcement is more than just credible.” 
The wedding chapel is registered as a “religious corporation” limited to performing “one-man-one-woman marriages as defined by the Holy Bible.” 
However, the chapel is also a for-profit business and city officials said that means the owners must comply with the local nondiscrimination ordinance.

This is the sort of thing that the anti-gay-marriage people have been warning about, but we were called a bunch of bigots so shut up they explained.

Here's a simple test of logic - would those two ministers own that wedding chapel if they were not Christians who followed their religious doctrine?  Nope.  Would they be marrying people if they were not ordained ministers?  Nope.

This is my hometown.  And I'm calling the mayor's office today, and letting them know in no uncertain terms that I am not out here doing my best to protect and defend the Constitution just so that they can use it as toilet paper.

I was anti-gay marriage before all this set in.  I am rapidly becoming anti-gay, period, because in this country "Gay" is pretty much indistinguishable from "Progressive Marxist".  If they cannot leave religious people like these two ministers alone, I see no reason why I should be forced to put up with their actions.  Live and let live only works when both sides do it.  As we can plainly see here, the Gay Lobby uses tactics from the Marxist Left (use government to enforce your beliefs on other people) rather than the Libertarian side (leave me alone, I leave you alone), and that makes them the enemy.  And yes, I said it.  The Gay Lobby.  The same people who sue to force cake-makers to bake wedding cakes for gay weddings.  The same people who sue to have religious owners of an event site host a gay wedding, AFTER paying over $10k in fines.  The same people who use the power of the state to impose THEIR morality onto others, the very same crime they have shrieked about for decades, even while everything they claimed to be happening to them...  wasn't.  Like good little Marxists, they project their actions onto their opponents.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a phone call to make.

Seahawks laid an egg

Just......  ouch.  What the hell is going on to make them implode like that?  They get rid of Percy Harvin, Marshawn Lynch is throwing fits...  Do they all need a time out?

Well, except for Russel Wilson, who seems to be the only person who still wants to win instead of grandstand.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hopefully, even fewer people will listen to him now

I assume you've all read the report that says Karl freakin' Rove basically sunk the reports of people finding WMD in Iraq during the Bush years.

If this is the case, then his political acumen is even less than I thought after the commies took over the Senate in 2006.  And if it's true, then I cannot for the life of me figure out why anyone would want to listen to his political advice ever again.  He needs to be laughed out of politics for the rest of his life.

I'm not the easiest guy to put up with

I've got a temper.  I can be stubborn.  I can fixate on details in a way that would make an Aspie blush.  I can be grumpy.  And of course I've got the whole male scratching/burping/farting thing going on in spades.  I'm the biggest baby when I'm sick.  I'm a picky eater who absolutely refuses to eat peas or broccoli.

So imagine my surprise when I found a woman who not only hung around, but wanted to hang around for the rest of our lives.

Yesterday was our tenth anniversary.  We went out for dinner, then spent the night smoking cigars (her a Kuba Kuba, me a La Gloria) and driving through the canyons and down the PCH.  I'd say I found a keeper.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Went to lunch with the Ragin' Mrs. today.  After figuring out what we wanted, we decided on Chik-fil-A.  Headed up there, got in line, and figured out what we wanted.

I wish I could say enough nice things about the Chik-fil-A where we are.  They have somehow managed to take Southern California teenagers and instill Southern courtesy into them.  The service there is always polite and quick.  The food is good.  We never have to wait for eons to get our order.  The only real complain that I have is that their parking situation is a bit odd, but it works.  We've eaten there a couple of times, and every time we've been there it's been a good experience.

There are entire industries that could learn something about customer service from Chik-fil-A.  This isn't an ad, but when you get treated well by a business I figure it's only fair for me to tell people about it.  Lord knows I've done enough complaining about other businesses.  So it's nice to be able to sing praises about a business where I'm at.

Top. Men.

The CDC Director cleared a nurse infected with Ebola to fly on a commercial airplane, and then claimed that she "broke protocols".

I guess this is what happens when you put political flunkies into a position that has real-world consequences, eh?  And gosh, doesn't that just give you all sorts of confidence in the FedGov's handling of a viral crisis?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Use their lies to attack them.

So the Democrat American Communist Party has been using the Ebola outbreak to whine and complain that it was those mean old Republicans who are at fault because BUDGET CUTS or something.

Hit them back twice as hard, people.  TWICE!  AS!  HARD!

Attached [at the link above] is a CRS analysis of the actual NIH budget for the last several years in inflation adjusted (real) dollars. It’s worth noting that after the Republican takeover in ’94, the NIH budget rose until the Dems took over Congress in 2006. The Pelosi/Reid Congress was the first to flatline the NIH budget in nominal dollars.


More Joys of Los Angeles

Running through the park, when I feel the urge to take a leak.  Damn.  I hate that.  And I'm not going to use the bushes like the damn hobos around here, as sections of the park already reek of rancid stale urine and I'm not going to add to that.

So I make my way around the park, and near the maintenance shed there's a public restroom that's open.  Yay, Maintenance guys!  I duck in and immediately hear the drug dealer in the shitter call out his challenge.

Dude.  I can't even take a leak without having to dodge the druggies and their handlers.

I managed to hold it in until I got home, and then damn near blew the porcelain off the john with a fire-hose amount of pressure.  I really cannot wait to get out of this city.