Friday, July 07, 2006

On saving oil

Armed Liberal sesz there's no sea change required. To wit:

Six years ago, I needed a new car to replace the minivan I gave my ex- in the divorce. I had three sons, we camp and ski, and so the mandate was three rows of seats (so I don't have to Tase them too often on long trips) with space in back to put the plastic Tupperware boxes of gear that we travel with.

There were only three cars (plus several 12-passenger vans) that fit the requirement. Ford Excursion, Chevy or GMC Suburban, and a Honda Odyssey minivan.
Read on ==> Winds of Change.NET: The 3% Solution

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Tunnel Bomb Schmunnel Bomb

Rolling Stone Moonbat sez: "the Holland Tunnel story is fabricated!!!!".

Commenters at LGF have it covered. I love the first one.

Reunite Sheehan and Chavez

Keep your credit card handy!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Chancellor Dies

Denice Denton has died.

Denton was the Chancellor at UC Santa Cruz, hotbed of anti-military moonbattery.

Reason [Magazine] Online blames, in part, Michelle Malkin.

Did anyone else used to read Reason? I loved it when I first saw in ten years ago, but now it's just, well, ick.

Oh boy, I'm stealing that!

So I'm reading Protein Wisdom. Down in the comment section, one idiot named brooksfoe is showing his ass, and it gets spanked.

As I said, kid, a tin ear. You are articluate, but you don’t know much about the devices of rhetoric. Sullivan isn’t mentioning slavery and Rumsfeld in the same breath to create an objective, dispassionate impression. Only a naif would believe such a thing--and I grant you your poetic juxtaposition.

Jeff was merely pointing out that Sullivan’s increasingly left-wing spew undercuts whatever claims he may be making to ‘conservatism’ and objectivity.

Your worldview--as I’ve suggested before--is predicated on a dislike and distrust of the United States so deeply ingrained that you are not even aware of it. From this single attitude, all else in your “political philosophy” devolves. Yet, you examine yourself and find yourself to be a reasonable, liberal fellow. Logic, my ass. You are not the one to judge the quality of a logical argument. You haven’t the tools.

Yours is an attitude that is as repellent to others as it is to me. That’s where the hostility is coming from. You have no gift for perspective, knowledge of history or sense of the ebb and flow of life. You are a nihilist. You read neither broadly nor deeply. You do not interpret the things you have read very well. You cobble your arguments together from dry cuds left over from your school days and bits of hoary leftist propaganda you’ve collected from various fashionable, politically-caressed news sources. Contrary to what you may believe, you haven’t an original idea in your skull. You are a dupe, a tool and a useful idiot.

Yet, even that fails to prevent you from speaking arrogantly about issues of which you know virtually nothing and disparaging honorable people whose feet you are not fit to kiss.

I am so stealing that. There might be a better summation of Leftist ideology, but I haven't read it this month.

Nork Missiles launched


Here's what pisses me off in all of this: North Korea is China's dog. Without China, North Korea would not even exist. Hell, without China, North Korea would never have come into creation. Kimmy Dimmy Ding Dong would fall quicker than a ten-dollar whore on payday if China simply said "Knock it off, you moron!"

But China is propping North Korea up, and I'm fairly certain they're encouraging the Norks to launch it's missiles, because it's making us rather uneasy. And in the Chinese government's eyes, that's a good thing. It's warmongering by proxy, and China holds the keys.

So if I were president, here's what I would do: Tell China, in no uncertain terms, that if they refuse to keep their dog on a short leash, we will arm every ally we have within Nork missile range with nuclear warheads. That means South Korea, Japan, and most importantly, Taiwan.

Let China throw it's fit, and tell them to go fuck off. And then start shipping missiles to those three countries, until China clamps a lid on North Korea.

It's time that we started playing hardball with those communist clusterfucks, because they've been playing it for decades while we've tried to be nice. And what did nice get us? North Korea with a nuke. Gee, that worked out well, didn't it? We're not dealing with a rational person, we're dealing with a half-pint commie filled with delusions of grandeur who has been selling weapons to anyone with cash for the past twenty or thirty years. Diplomacy doesn't work on the criminally insane. That's a proven fact. And Kim Jong Il is insane, make no doubt about it. He's nuts. Fucking loco. We need to stop treating him like he's an equal, and remind him that should the balloon go up, we can and will wipe any memory of him off the face of the earth. And let China know that should any hostilities take place, the Chinese would have US Army divisions right on their border within ten days.

If they don't like it, too bad.

But then, I'm not president. More's the pity.

And yes, I'm still typing this from an undisclosed location.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

"An experiment"


Democratic Underpantsian casts HUGE doubt on 9/11 story!!!!

Check it out!

UPDATE: Maxi preesh to the proprietor of punditry in the Heart of Jesusland for the link. In the original post I was remiss in not tipping the cap to the place where i saw this story first: The Corner.

Ann Coulter was crass...

...when she said caustic things about the "Jersey Girls". Today we get an American Leftist Principle Text: will they (American Leftists) or will they not celebrate the death of Kenneth Lay dead?

Fourth of July barbecue, ...


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day, all.

Don't forget to pause at some point today and raise your glass high to honor those who 230 years ago created the greatest invention in the history of mankind: the United States of America.

Read it here.

Monday, July 03, 2006

News that is fit to print

From the New York Times, 30 June 2006:


Cartoons: Still Waiting

Gateway Pundit, impressed by the intrepid bravery of NY Times et al to print leaked stories re: Bush Administration anti-terror programs, invites NY Times et al to get really brave.

DANEgerus Roundup

DANEgerus has a nice roundup of NY Times / SWIFT polls and commentary. While it is pretty claer that the stoyr was a naked political offering to Democrats and other Bush Haters, I think I see nothing warranting prosecution of the Times here.

At the same time, I'd like to see the leakers found, tried, convicted, and, most importantly, stripped of their government pensions.

ALSO: Lichtblau: spinning, and busted.

Talking Point defined

It's almost like a contest; count the instances of "Zionist regime" here and win an Ayatollah Khomeini bobblehead.

The definition of "Talking Point"

It's almost like a contest; count the instances of "Zionist regime" here and win an Ayatollah Khomeini bobblehead.