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Thursday, July 11, 2019

We keep the wolves away

A damn good essay.

These left wing elites are the intellectual progeny of Lenin and Robespierre. They turn up their noses at America. They view us as our European cousins always have, as a redneck backwater full of obese cable watching swine. They scoff at religion and tradition. Their gods are the human intellect, and their own vanity. 
From the tops of ivory towers, they condemn our country while they live on its fruit. In their discussions about Europe’s excellent government subsidized healthcare and schools, an important point is often omitted; that the golden streets of their utopias would crack under the wheels of Russian tanks without America. While they spend our money building their nations, we keep the world safe. Europe drinks from the fountain of our benevolence and sacrifice. We keep the wolves away. 

As usual, read the whole thing.

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