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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Harping on a Theme

Trump's not Racist, he's pushing the Overton Window back to "Normal".

You know that and I know that this is what the Leftists have done. Moreover, the millions of Americans who aren’t as political as we are know that this is what Leftists have done. They intuitively recognize that the new Overton window is as unrelated to reality as the current gender madness, but because of the Leftist Overton window shift, they are cowed into silence. The silent, sane majority in of Americans know that they can lose their jobs, get doxed, be socially humiliated, or be subject to brutal attacks if they suggest that people who were living in dirt poor, war torn, corrupt countries were blessed to come here. It would be even worse were these silenced Americans to state the obvious conclusion: If these new immigrants cannot show gratitude for the country that took them in, but insist that it’s the most evil country in the world and that their dirt poor, war torn, corrupt homeland is better, they should stop taking up space in America and return to their natal lands. 
In other words, Trump stated the obvious. And by his willingness to state the obvious, he has returned the obvious to the realm of public discourse. He has shifted the Overton window back to a more normal, common sense debate. It wasn’t a mistake of epic proportions. It was a brilliant insistence on having public debate occur in reality world, not in the Leftist’s dystopian fantasy world.

With regards to Evita Guevera-Castro's claim to be "Puerto Rican", I would like to point out that I've actually lived in Puerto Rico while she has not.  Therefore, I've spent more time in the country she claims to belong to than she has.  She's just another loudmouth New Yorican who adopts a Boriqua accent when it's convenient.

I would also like to point out that she identifies as Puerto Rican, and not as an American.

Bookworm also points out that Rashida Tlaib, who was born in America, was sworn in under a Palestinian flag.  So she's "American", but she swears allegiance to a terrorist organization who's goal is the complete genocide of Jews.

I wonder how many Normal Americans know that?

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