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Saturday, August 04, 2018

Analysis: True

Sarah Jeong was just talking the way most people on the Left talk about white people.

In case you don't know who Sarah Jeong is, she's a hate-filled, Harvard educated "journalist" who wrote tweet after tweet after tweet about how much she hated white people.  And then she got hired by the New York Times, because of course they would hire a blatant racist as long as the racism was directed towards normal Americans.

But here's the deal:  This is how the Left thinks.  This is literally what the Left thinks of YOU as a white male.  They think you're a race-obsessed goblin who needs to die off so the world can be a better place.  And if you're not a white male, but you're a conservative, then Sarah Jeong wants you to die as well.

So yeah, Sarah Jeong was simply communicating how the Left sees white men.  And now she works at the New York Times.  Because of course they agree with her.

Start with that tweet and scroll down.  There are two years of racism and hatred catalogued and stored just right there.

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