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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Still NOT tired of all the winning!

Justice Kennedy is retiring.  As in, immediately, which is rather unusual.  Normally a SCOTUS Justice will wait until a replacement has been confirmed before they scoot off, but apparently he's had enough and he wants to spend his days reading books, giving speeches and rocking on his front porch with a glass of lemonaide.

Good.  He was the ultimate "swing" vote.  You never knew what side of an argument he would come own on.  And now Trump gets to pick a SECOND Supreme Court Justice, and if his second pick is anything like his first pick, we'll have a conservative SCOTUS for decades to come.


Add in the public-employee unions getting a sledgehammer to the face?  Win after win after win.  I'm smiling almost as much as I did on the day after election day when I realized that evil, corrupt hag wasn't ever going to be president.

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p2 said...

Don may get to pick, but the duly elected criminals in congress still have to confirm. And they're gonna drag their asses on that for as long as they possibly can....or until they get a selection just as swingy as this guy was, if not more so. Either way, the process will be both entertaining as the left wing goes into Panicon Red.....