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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Reflections on Manchester

Britain has been importing muslims en masse for years now, and where ever muslims go, terrorism follows.  Dystopic nails my feelings on this:

I don’t know about you, folks, but I’ve no more patience with this. These people believe that hugs, tears, candles, and symbols chalked onto the streets will somehow banish murderous extremists like ISIS. Together, the power of the Care Bear rainbows will banish all badthink to another dimension, or something. I feel like I’m surrounded by emotional toddlers, unable to separate magical fantasy from grounded reality. 
Peace with the Islamic world is most assuredly possible, but it won’t come from hearts drawn in the streets, it will come with a price tag in blood and treasure. Islam, after all, has always had bloody borders. And the weakness of the West has only emboldened them.

Let me just post this right here, once again:  The "Peaceful Majority" is irrelevant.

The fireworks start at around 4:02.

The Manchester bomber was the son of Libyan refugees who was born and raised in Britain.  And was still a muslim, so he blew up little girls.  "But Dave, not all muslims blah blah blah" and go watch the video again if you still regurgitate that line.  15-25% of all muslims worldwide can be classified as "extremist".  That means a population the size of the USA wants to destroy Western civilization.  That doesn't count all the other muslims who might not want to kill us, but support and empathize with those who do.

Letting muslims into your country is suicide.

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Drumwaster said...

It isn't so much a war of ideology as it is a war to teach them what the costs of actively carrying out that ideology will be, and them MAKING THEM PAY THE COST whenever needed. When your opponents have openly averred that they are seeking death as a means of achieving heaven (the ONLY means universally agreed upon by Islamic scholars for a Muslim to GUARANTEE entry into heaven and the 72 virgins, even after having lived a sinful life of drinking and fornicating), simply saying "we will kill you" won't cut it. They openly target innocents, uncaring because those innocents are either unbelievers (subhumans who deserve death) or other Muslims who will become martyrs along with the splodey-dope who pulled the lanyard.

We need to wage the war that will teach them that the costs of trying to impose their ideology greater than any possible benefit they may seek. "War is the solution our enemy has chosen, and I say we give them all they want."