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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

No-go zones in France. No-go zones in Sweden. Guess what they both have in common?

C'mon, guess!

Grattidge explained to Neuding that the problem with these areas is linked directly to immigration policy in the country. "In these areas, the no-go zones, the majority of the people are immigrants." 
Gattridge went on to tell Neuding that ambulance drivers are blocked from leaving these areas and have had rocks thrown at them. He also said "hand grendes have been thrown at police" in majority-immigrant areas.

Hand grenades.  Have been thrown.  At the police.

Hand grenades.

If I found out that some raghead barbarian was throwing hand grenades at the cops in MY city, I'd be camping out with a scoped 30-06 and waiting for an opportunity to reduce the no-go-zone population by a few.

Fucking hand grenades.  But hey, "REFUGEES WELCOME!", amirite?  Let's bring a couple hundred thousand MORE anti-civilization members of a pedophile-following, moon-god worshipping, goat-fucking death cult, shall we?

I'm going to work on not calling this "radical" Islam.  Because it's perfectly clear to me that this is simply Islam.  It's not the radical part of it at all.  This is what Islam does.  This is who Islam is.

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