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Monday, November 07, 2016

Janet Reno is dead

This was the fabulously corrupt and stupid woman who headed the DoJ when Ruby Ridge went down, the Branch Davidians went up in flames, and Elian Gonzales was literally ripped out of his family's arms at gunpoint and sent back to Cuba.

And that's just the highlights of her "service".

The best thing she ever did for this country was fade into obscurity and just go away.

Bill Clinton appointed her because she was so stupid, and because VAGINA.  She was a controllable woman.  So she got the job.  And we got a federal agent shooting an unarmed woman in the head while that woman held her infant son.  Congratulations, Democrats!  Everyone involved in that decision should be burning in hell.


Grog said...

Good, that's one name I can cross off the list.

OC said...

And Teddy welcomed her to the gates of hell.