Day by Day

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Brewing today

But first, cigar and coffee.  I'm in the middle of a cigar from a newer company - Black Works Studio. The cigar I'm smoking is the Rorschach.  Ho-lee-CRAP this is a good one.  It smells so good before you light it that you just want to chew on it like a candy bar.  The draw is good.  The flavor is awesome.  The strength is between medium and full.  It's a thing of beauty.

I've got three, maybe four batches that I'm starting today, to include a honey beer with chocolate malt that I'm trying to turn into something like a good stout.  At least one batch to bottle, maybe two.  You know what I'm not doing?

Watching the NFL.  Go protest, you guys!  You're doing great!

UPDATE - we started five one-gallon batches of mead as a test for different yeasts.  Started a five gallon batch of apple cider with a yeast we've been wanting to try, a five gallon batch of honey beer with the chocolate malt, and a three gallon batch of blueberry mead.  We also racked a five gallon batch of wine, a one gallon batch of pear wine, and bottled a one gallon test batch of elderberry mead. Finally, we tested a batch of cherry melomel that we were hoping would come out nicely after we re-sweetened it a month ago.  No dice, it's way too sweet.  So we pitched in some champagne yeast to see what happens.  It's already sitting at 13% ABV, so if we get any sugar eaten by the champagne yeast it'll be a bonus, plus be a wine that will knock you on your ass.

All in all that's a good six hours on my feet making booze.  Life is good.


Grog said...

Pear wine? yum, do you bottle and sell?

Ragin' Dave said...

Can't sell on the market, because, well, the laws suck.

However, should you happen to be passing through Richmond VA, I'm certain we can barter a few things....