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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

The Doritos ad

From the Super Bowl apparently has the pro-baby-murder group NARAL up in arms because it "humanizes a fetus".

In other words, it reminds people that a human baby is a human baby, and ripping it apart limb from limb and then sucking it out of the womb is murder.

I guess I'm not as political as I thought, as every single person in the room when we watched the commercial damn near shat themselves laughing.  Me, my wife, my football-watching buddy (who is female, and just a bit younger than my mother's age), her husband, and the various other folks in the room.

We all laughed.  Hysterically.

Trust NARAL to take a funny commercial and attempt to twist it so that their baby-murdering agenda is front and center.

Phaw.  Humorless nags and harpies, that group.

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