Day by Day

Tuesday, November 03, 2015


Administrators at Vassar College agree to shred the US Constitution after a reporter posing as a student called it "triggering".

No, really.  This happened.

Kill it with fire.  And then sow the ashes with salt, as a warning to any other "educators" who might do the same.


Bill in England said...

I comment on quite a few conservative blogs on both sides of the pond, and often see a lot of sniping about whether the US, or the UK, or Scandinavia or whoever is leading the way in full-on crazy (I find this sniping very counter-productive BTW, I want to see a return to sanity across the board and take no pleasure in point-scoring either way).

It does seem to me though that the US (or a significant section of it, notably in what passes for "higher education" anyway) is suffering from a particularly virulent strain at present. From what I can gather, your mainstream press is in a worse state than ours at the moment too. Not that we have anything much to brag about. It's all quite depressing at times.

Ragin' Dave said...

Bill - your press wears it's bias on it's sleeve, from what I can tell. Ours claims to be "objective" while functioning as the Praetorian Guard and Propaganda Machine for the Democrats.

I'd say our press is lower on the shit-pole than yours, by a large margin. I'd rather have the British press any day of the week. They're the only ones who actually report on Obama's failures.