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Monday, October 12, 2015

Since I sense some sci-fi geekery going on at this blog

I'm going to link to this post over at John C Wright's place, regarding the Sci Phi Mag.  It's a publication of science fiction stories that you actually WANT TO READ, rather than the wussified, SJW-driven dreck put out by modern publishing companies.  Apparently they're struggling a bit, as modern print publications seem to be doing.  BUT....  this ain't Time Magazine, this is a magazine of good authors and good stories.  They have a donation button if'n ya want to just give them money, but I think the better approach would be to just order the magazine itself.

I just snapped up edition #5.

Oh, and have I recommended Wright's Somewither yet?  I may have back when I read it.  Let me recommend it again.

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