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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Instead of male or female

how about we use a gender-neutral pronoun to express my thoughts to this story?

Fuck You, You Traitor.

As Stan Lee says, 'Nuff Said.


Matt said...

Actually you can have peace and freedom at the same time. Perhaps you misunderstood Heinlein? If you think you have to have continual war in order to achieve peace or freedom then you're crazy. Look at the middle east. They have continual war. Look at the United States we don't. Where would you rather live?

Unfortunately we're dumb enough to wade into other people's wars. And, of course, voters are stupid enough to vote for the clowns in Washington who continue to take us to war for no other reason than to line their pockets.

Drumwaster said...

I suppose it IS difficult to misunderstand "Don't ever count on having both at once", because I never thought of that as a binary position, merely that one should not accept the co-existence as a given.

Maybe it's YOU that has misunderstood Heinlein.

Next, let's remember that in the locations where we have US troops, those conflicts were started by the other party (try history books instead of HuffPo; you'd be amazed). The US has only ever declared war first on one single occasion, and that was on itself.

And if you think that freedoms are actually free, I suggest you take a good look at history. Freedom is NEVER free, and is rarely inexpensive. And don't forget that includes the freedom to fail and accept the consequences thereof.

Now, that having been said, have you got a relevant comment to make, or are you just a Heinlein critic?

Ragin' Dave said...

Matt - did you ever think that we have to fight our own government to maintain our freedom, even if there isn't a shooting war going on anywhere in the world?

I think YOU are the one who doesn't understand Heinlein.