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Monday, June 10, 2013

Following Muir

Who seems to want to put up half-nekkid hot redheads every day.  Hey, it's gotta be a traffic booster, right?  Let's see:

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I think I feel my traffic boosting already.


Rivrdog said...

Oh, I gettit now, the strand of pearls makes her "half-nekkid"....

Gerry N. said...

Half nekkid, all nekkid, who cares?

Hot redheads w/o much clothing make my day.


Yesiamapirate said...

Is it just that I'm 64 and every woman under 30 looks 14 or does anybody else think she looks 14. I feel so dirty.

Ragin' Dave said...

Rivrdog - any item she's wearing counts as "clothing" in my book.

Yesiamapirate - I look at the butterbars entering the service today and I ask myself when the middle school started allowing Junior-JUNIOR ROTC.