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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

When the Government doesn't give a shit about the law

Example A:  The EPA.

In yet another green folly, the lawless Environmental Protection Agency continues to fine gasoline producers for not using cellulosic biofuels in quantities that don't exist, making only more pain at the pump.

Last month, a federal court dealt a serious blow to the Environmental Protection Agency's renewable fuels push by ruling that the agency exceeded its authority by mandating refiners use cellulosic biofuels, which aren't commercially available. The EPA's lawless response in a lawless administration was to raise its requirements.

Punishing people for failure to use a fuel that DOES NOT EXIST.

I want you to think about that.

And then wonder why these people have not been tarred and feathered yet.

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Anonymous said...

In order to follow these renewable fuels mandates, the oil companies are going to have to massively cut back production. They will also have to spend billions and billions of capital to upgrade refineries and infrastructure. if they are really forced to folow through on this, it's going to be a disaster.