Day by Day

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

This job I currently perform

Is the worst job I have ever experienced in my Army career.  The combination of desk-jockying, pencil-pushing bullshit, nit-picky crap, leadership that couldn't lead troops into a titty bar serving free beer, and twelve hours a day in a windowless office doing what boils down to data entry combines into one gigantic black hold of suckitude.  It's like a bad dream where I keep waking up in the same horrible nightmare, over and over again.

This job makes me wonder just how much I want to stay in the Army.  It's that bad.  I couldn't think of a worse job to be stuck in.  I'd rather be out in the field.  I'm asking my higher HQ to deploy me to Afghanistan just about on a weekly basis, and they're laughing at me.  They don't think I'm serious, I guess.  You would think after the fourth time they would get the hint.


Rivrdog said...

In my career in the Air Force, half commissioned and half enlisted, there was always a way to get out of dogcrap assignments: put in a Dream Sheet for that one most critical specialty the Personnel wizards have been ordered to fill ASAP. There was always one or to Air Force Specialty Codes that got that treatment. Usually, a maximum re-up bonus went with the deal, as well as a stripe.

Gotta be SOMETHING that will get you out of Los Crapeles.

Sarge said...

:) you could always switch to PA. Though Ive heard its not quite as much fun on the active force, at least you get out of the office more often. Just need a keen eye for photos (or video) and a smattering of writing ability.

Ragin' Dave said...

Trust me, if I thought that I had half a chance of being released, I'd switch to one of me three other MOS and move out smartly. But with the military downsizing many of the slots I could move into are either going away or under a cloud of uncertainty, which means the CO's aren't going to move anyone in there until they know they get to keep them for a while.

My best hope is to work with the people two or three levels up and see when and where they can move me.

Which brings me to problem number two: Until they can get someone into school, they don't have anyone qualified to fill my spot if I leave.

Which means I'm not going to get cleared to leave by my HQ.

I have three years of this to look forward to.