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Sunday, December 02, 2012

When I was a kid

I wanted to be a truck driver.

My parents laughed, and my friends thought I was nuts.  But back when you're twelve, you don't have a concept of log books and delivery schedules.  You just know that men get into big trucks and travel all across the country doing whatever they're doing, and that appealed to me.  Greatly.  It still does.  There's still some part of me that wants to buy a truck, throw a camper on the back of it, and just drive.  Yellowstone?  Sure, let's go.  And when we're done we'll go to St. Louis for some ribs, and when we're done with that we'll take all the backroads of New York State and go get some Maine Lobster out of the waters in Maine, and then we'll go where ever the hell we want to go.

That appeals to me.  Greatly.

"We'll live out of my old van,
Travel all across this land,
Me and You."

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