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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What do you use YOUR bayonet for?

Got started in a discussion on Facebook about the Marxist Messiah's comment about bayonets and horses.

So, what do you use YOUR bayonet for?  Or what have you used it for?  I've used it as a tent-stake, a marshmallow roasting stick and a stake-carving knife.  Well, and I've practiced killing people with it. 

What about you?


Gerry N. said...

I've used a bayonet as a mess kit pot handle.

Bob S. said...

Single digit salute to those who want to infringe (and more) my right to keep and bear arms.

Rivrdog said...

I have bayonets for several military arms, including one for an 1895 Steyr, but I don't have that rifle, so the long, sawback bayonet sits, in it's Parade Scabbard, hanging on the side of my blogstation shredder, where I use it to reach into the small front opening and tamp down the confetti so that I don't have to dump it as often.

Glenn B said...

I believe I once scratched my back, and maybe my butt too, with one of the bayonets that I own. Otherwise I have not used them for anything and I certainly do not plan to take part in a bayonet charge anytime soon. I suppose I could use one as a last ditch weapon someday but hope never to have to do so; I would much prefer bullets at longer distances.

All the best,
Glenn B

Ragin' Dave said...

Glenn - the bayonet is a tool as much as it's a weapon. I've never actually used one in a fight, but I've used the hell out of it for other purposes that one would use a knife in.