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Monday, September 24, 2012

My heart pumps purple piss for him

Goat-fucking terrorist Nidal Hasan is hospitalized.

You know what this means, don't you?

That means there isn't much time for the Army to take me up on my offer for me to fly down to San Antonio, on my own dime, and shoot that fucking pedophile worshiping traitor right between the eyes.  I'll use my gun and my ammo.  The Army wouldn't have to pay for a thing.  Just let me look that fucker in the eyes, tell him "Enjoy being ass-fucked by Satan, you worthless piece of shit" and blow his fucking brains out against the wall.  Then I'd stuff the empty cavity with lard and ham, right before I dumped his body at a pig farm and let his entire corpse be turned into stinking pig shit.

It can only be an improvement over his current state.

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Steve B said...

I personally do not understand how that POS is still using up perfectly good oxygen.

What ever happened to the right of a speedy trial. It's not like he's a "suspect." Why isn't this a slam dunk followed immediately by a publicly televised execution?!