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Thursday, February 02, 2012

What the hell?

Ann Coulter just did a "Three Cheers for Romneycare"?  ARE YOU SERIOUS????

Oh god, reading it is worse than...  well...  oh hell, it's like Ann Coulter did a threesome with Bawney Fwank and his boyfriend, and then proudly put the photos on the web.  It's fucking disgusting.  It's filthy.  It's exactly the kind of idiotic crap that Romney defenders are forced into doing, because their candidate is so flawed, so bad, so lacking character, that they can't actually stand on anything he's done OTHER THAN ROMNEYCARE and make a case for him.

My god, the fact that this man is being supported by the GOP establishment is reason enough to declare the GOP dead.

Mike at Cold Fury puts it perfectly:

I have regretfully concluded that in fact I would rather see Obama re-elected than have the sort of irretrievable tommyrot Coulter has descended to in this article continue to metastasize on our side. Better to fight a stand-up battle with a known enemy than endure repeated stabs in the back from a false friend–or see an erstwhile ally corrupted completely by utter derangement of this sort. I do believe we’d be one hell of a lot better off with Obama as president and conservatives–not (gag) Republican Statists–in control of Congress than we would be with Romney in the Oval Office, standing ready to enthusiastically rubber-stamp every Progressivist expansion of government the liberals in both parties can excrete.
Romney in office would be a bigger disaster than the last three years, because there wouldn't be ANY opposition to Romney's big-government plans.  And we've seen how Romney treats people who disagree with him on the conservative side, haven't we?  I'm not voting for that.  Should Romney win the nomination, I'm most likely writing in Ron Paul's name come election time.

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Anonymous said...

Mark Levin read the entire article on his Wednesday night show and tore her a new one. He tore apart the entire article line by line. It was masterful! He was pissed!!