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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Holy moly....

In a video at Hot Air, Maxine Waters, another communist parasite in Congress, blathers on about Obama, and makes a statement that literally left my jaw hanging open:  At the 1:03 mark in the video, Waters babbles that "We don't know why on this trip he's on in the United States now he doesn't visit any black communities, we don't know that...."

Why should he visit any black communities, Maxine?  He's trying to get re-elected, and he knows that Black-Americans, 91% of whom value skin color over character or content if the 2008 election results are to be believed, are going to vote for him no matter what!  He's not visiting black communities because he already has your vote, and he knows it, and YOU know it!  He's not going to waste any time or money stumping for votes in a group that he can take for granted 24/7/365. 

Does that sting anybody?  Are you black, and pissed off at me right now?  But did I get you to think a little bit?  Good.  One of my former co-workers who was black, fairly conservative, a pastor on Sunday, opposed to gay marriage, opposed to gays in the military, opposed to quite a bit of the liberal agenda, and yet he voted for Obama, and had a picture of the Obama family up in his cubicle.  And then he got upset when Obama repealed Don't Ask Don't Tell, but still kept that photo up.  He got upset with Obama told the DOJ to not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, but he still kept that photo up in his cubicle.  Time and time again, he was muttering to me in the break room "I can't believe Obama did that shit, man" but he never ONCE wavered in his support of a man who was an ideological opponent in many ways.  He still valued skin color over actions and deeds.  That's what we're fighting against.

So Maxine Waters babbles about how she can't understand why Obama isn't visiting black communities.  The answer comes from those black communities themselves.  Despite the failure of Obama's socialist policies, despite the failure of Obamanomics, despite failure after failure after failure that can be laid at Obama's feet, they worship the man as some sort of hero, just because his skin color and theirs happen to be the same.  And then they call people like me racists on almost a daily basis.

We need more Alan Wests, and less Maxine Waters. 

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