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Monday, May 30, 2011


So Democrat American Communist Party hack and all around asshole Mark Weiner sent a picture of his Hanes-clad swanz to a college girl, who of course denies the whole thing, and Weiner said it's all a case of some hacker hacking his Twitter account.

Yeah.  Right.  We've all seen this song and dance before.  Remember John Edwards?  He who's sexual liaisons the newspapers REFUSED TO COVER BECAUSE HE WAS OF THE CORRECT POLITICAL PARTY, even while he was in the running for Vice President.

The news finally broke via the National Enquirer of all places, because every other newspaper who had the news refused to run it.

There is no reason on earth for Weiner to even have "followed" this girl on Twitter.  There's no good reason for Weiner to have a picture of his weiner online, period.  There's no good way to spin this.  Da Tech Guy has the low-down on why.  I'm almost certain that Weiner sent the photo to the college girl.  And now the national media is going to do their best to cover it up.

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