Day by Day

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dear Fellow Public Restroom Users

If your asscannon sprays your discharge like grapeshot all over the toilet, to include the seat where others would normally sit, perhaps a change of diet is in order?

Dear lord.......  What the hell is wrong with people?  Do they have some type of digestive disorder?


Gerry N. said...

This ain't PC, but did you check the seat for tenny runner prints? An amazing number of recent arrivals from the old E.Yurp comm-bloc and SE Asia don't know to sit on the crapper. Maybe the same happy souls who make the "Free Fire Zone" stickers for elementary schools could make some that show sitting, rather than squatting, on a thunder mug.

Ragin' Dave said...

Nah, this was just a case of explosive rectal discharge. I'm to the point where I grab some hand sanitizer and some tissue, then wipe down the entire toilet seat before I use it. I guess I just work with some rather disgusting people.

Anonymous said...

Years ago when I worked at a chain family breakfast restaurant, we had an ancient fellow that came in semi-regularly. If he headed back to the restrooms, all the bus boys found extremely important work to do away from the men's room. Like sweeping the parking lot, taking out the trash, and the winner, changing the filters on the HVAC units.

Because this guy DESTROYED the toilet area. I am talking walls, tank, floor, underside of roll dispenser, EVERYTHING!! We never could figure out how he did it. He had to been covered in it and washed off (He always smelled of crap).

I never could understand what kind of thinking was involved in leaving that mess consistently in a public restroom. He wasn't of the squat-ditch people. He was a heavy, old, black man who seemed like a decent guy from a distance (out of odor range).

We used to haul in the parking lot washdown hose & use plastic aprons/gloves/face shields to hose ENTIRE stall down. It was disgusting.