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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

No I wouldn't burn a Koran...

The same MainStreamMedia that wouldn't report the truth about the fraudulent manufactured outrage behind the Cartoon-i-fada are lecturing us about Koran burning? Aren't these the same people calling Blue-haired Tea Partiers "Nazis" while ignoring the vandalism and violence of the Leftists? Remember the false claims of Koran burning and all of the resulting violent thuggishness in the name of Islam? Haven't we paid this ticket in advance?

What about our outrage that protesters burn an American flag? You know... child-targeting terror bombers like President Barack Hussein Obama's good friend Bill Ayers who dedicated his own book to the Palestinian terrorist Sirhan Sirhan who gunned down Bobby Kennedy and named his own children for Pali-Arab terror bombers. Remember Bill Ayers picture on the front page of the NYTimes on 9/11:

So I wouldn't burn a Koran, but I'll defend the rights of those who would, because being stupid is clearly an inalienable right, or there wouldn't be (D)emocrats.

I've got an idea... lets just roll over and all convert to Islam. Then if some woman in comfortable shoes ignores me I can put a bag over her head and beat her, or even rape her because "hey, she wanted it" is a clearly codified Sha'aria defense to the crime as her testimony is insufficient evidence that she is anything but a harlot. Oh... and lets hang some gays every Friday in the public square because we all know pedophilia should be kept behind closed doors at the local Mosque.

Does the 7th century sound good to you? Because if Bill Ayers walks on a Koran we just do a Van Gogh on him.

Or did the MainStreamMedia succeed in preventing you from knowing who that is?

That is the point. All cultures are not equal. Some are actually primitive.

And flag burners aren't brave... they just know they don't live in a 7th century culture.


crotalus said...

I don't know what to make of this, but, hey, why not? A little vengeance against that beastly religion that brought us 9/11 might make them take notice, even if it does infuriate them. As far as General Petraeus' concerns, isn't the Taliban trying to kill us anyway?

Don't burn the Koran, but use it against them. Let it be known that our weapons will be dipped in bacon grease. They believe that if they die touched by pork in any form, they won't get their virgins, but will be cast into their hell as unclean. That's what General Pershing did in the Philippines, according to legend.

BTW, Petraeus was the general that the libs and Democrats all hated as Bush's general. Now he's Obama's general. There's a hefty serving of irony for ya!

DANEgerus said...

I'm not comfortable burning books... but if the Piss-Christ is "art" then what do you call the Islamic "reaction" to this bit of childishness?

Should Christians be throwing bombs to get respect? Would that make them "victims"?

Crotalus said...

"Should Christians be throwing bombs to get respect?"

No, because that's not self-defense, hence, it's not Christ-like. But they should be able to throw bombs, or fight back in ay fashion, if attacked.

As far as the pig-tainted weapons, I don't believe that's insulting their religion, or making fun of it. That's using it against them to make them leave us the f&%k alone.

Crotalus said...

One other thing: Muslims despise Christians, and kill them, and burn their Bibles at will. So, why the uproar over burning a Koran? Because Satan is behind all of this.