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Saturday, July 03, 2010


I did say that I quit smoking in last night's post, yes?  Well, I haven't touched a cigarette since.  Cigars, however.....

I once had an Army Chaplain explain it like this - God creates, Satan corrupts.  So God created tobacco, for men to age and roll and turn into cigars.  And God saw the cigar, and had himself a stogie, and it was good.  But Satan, seeing the cigar goodness, corrupted man, and had man make a cigarette.  Thus did God's gift to man turn into the Devil's Weed.

A good cigar, one that's been aged, is a thing of beauty.  You want to know how you can tell you're smoking a good cigar?  After you've been smoking it a while, you can do this:

That, my friends, is the tobacco leaves rolled so tight that even after you smoke them the ash will support the rest of the stogie.  And despite being rolled tight, it still had a perfect draw, not difficult at all.

Hey, I'm on vacation, these are the posts you get!

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